Why do Amazon sellers hire consultants for Amazon reinstatements?

In 2022, despite your best optimization and protection efforts, Amazon might suspend your account without warning. Since the reinstatement process is a bureaucratic nightmare, partnering with an account management consultant is the only viable solution for reinstating your account.

A do-it-yourself approach can easily backfire, costing you revenue or escalating your suspension to a permanent ban. In short, you have to work with a professional if you want to beat Amazon’s appeal system.

Amazon reinstatements

Keep reading to find out why many successful Amazon sellers hire consultants for Amazon account reinstatement.

When can consultants help with Amazon reinstatements?

Partnering with a consultant for an Amazon account reinstatement is a no-brainer. Here are the main reasons why outsourcing is better than in-house solutions.

#1 For reassurance

Dealing with a suspension is a nerve-wracking experience. Since most sellers use Amazon as their primary e-commerce platform, a notice of suspension will cause panic. Professional support is invaluable; a consultant will prevent you from reacting emotionally during this period.

Remember, though attacking Amazon might seem cathartic, doing so kills any hope you have for reinstatement. A suspension appeal consultant will use their expertise to take control of the situation and restore calm.

#2 Efficiency

A suspension notice on Amazon may set off a chain of impactful events. Consequently, you’ll have your hands full managing your business in crisis mode. Most sellers outsource account reinstatement to a competent consultant to alleviate stress and worry, but also to ensure favorable outcomes.

Since reinstatement is resource-intensive, your in-house facilities might not be sufficient. An account reinstatement professional does all the heavy lifting by formulating and executing an airtight appeal strategy. For instance, a consultant will draft a convincing appeal letter that addresses Amazon’s concerns. Overall, a reinstatement consultant will do the dirty work, allowing you to focus on managing your business.

#3 For a hassle-free reinstatement

The truth is that account reinstatement will frustrate most sellers, including the tech-savvy ones. Even if you do manage to disentangle the appeal process, you still lack the knowledge necessary to speed up your reinstatement. An account reinstatement consultant acts as your guide, helping you navigate the reinstatement rats’ nest.

A professional will leverage their expertise to find any policy you might have violated. Ultimately, this allows the consultant to formulate an appeal strategy unique to your suspension. In short, this approach guarantees a fast reinstatement process and reduces the risk of an unsuccessful appeal.

What else can consultants help with?

It’s clear that successfully reinstating an Amazon seller account isn’t a cakewalk. Consultants must apply multipronged appeal strategies when dealing with complex cases.

An Amazon consultant must first develop an objective view of the problem by interviewing your team and conducting data reviews. As a result, you can quickly find the cause of the suspension and formulate an effective fix.

Undoubtedly, a suspension notice will create a high-pressure business environment. There is a high chance that your team members might disagree on how to solve the problem. An outside consultant is invaluable in this case. Remember, every second wasted costs revenue. Since they are a neutral party, your consultant can use their expertise and authority to break deadlocks as they occur.

On the same note, partnering with an experienced consultant has its perks. Since they have a history of dealing with related suspension issues, a professional can quickly identify your account’s real problems, allowing them to jumpstart your appeal.
Finally, partnering with a consultant gives you access to a robust reinstatement pipeline and a library of tried and tested fixes.

What are the benefits of hiring a consultant?

Partnering with a professional Amazon suspension appeal consultant is a significant business decision. However, the investment is worth it. Here’s how you can benefit from hiring a consultant.

#1 Faster reinstatement

Every second counts when you’re dealing with a suspension, and why appealing by yourself is a bad idea. Any mistake you make will prove costly in the long run. Worse, Amazon might block your account if you mishandle the appeal process.

Don’t compromise your account, given how affordable reinstatement services are. A consultant will formulate an actionable strategy after reviewing your account and finding the cause of the suspension.

This information is crucial to formulating a realistic plan of action. Remember, Amazon’s chief concern is its customers. The chances of Amazon approving reinstatement increases if your action plan focuses on improving customer experience.

#2 Improved customer relations

Like any business, acquiring new customers is a critical business priority. However, satisfying customer needs is easier said than done. The truth is that most small and medium businesses struggle with formulating an effective customer communication strategy.

Amazon appeal consultants have a lot of experience interacting with customers. A professional will help you iron out any kinks in your customer complaints strategy. Since customer experience is a critical Amazon metric, partnering with consultants with a wealth of experience on the issue makes perfect business sense.

#3 On-call assistance

An account suspension is detrimental to revenue flow. Most businesses lack the resources necessary to communicate with the affected customers. As if this isn’t enough, you’ll have to appease angry customers who won’t be receiving their shipments.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with this overwhelming task. An Amazon suspension appeal consultant will help you formulate and execute an effective customer relations strategy on short notice.

Since the comprehensive strategy covers all customer pain points, you can anticipate customer complaints and offer satisfactory solutions.

#4 Maintain day-to-day efficiency

While an Amazon account suspension is a disruptive event, you can’t afford to focus all your resources on reinstatement. Doing so will bring your day-to-day operations to a standstill.

As mentioned, Amazon appeals are time-consuming and resource intensive. Outsourcing the appeal process makes sense, especially since you’ll have your hands full dealing with dissatisfied customers and stabilizing your business.

Having a third party handling your appeal gives you room to focus on critical business issues. This makes Amazon account suspension services an invaluable business resource since you can focus resources on vital business services while consultants push for a reinstatement.


Here’s the thing, an Amazon appeal consultant can do wonders for your Amazon seller account. Apart from helping reinstate your seller account, a consultant can provide invaluable assistance with product listing issues, formulating an effective shopping strategy, and much more. But, beyond just those things, consultants at Riverbend Consulting have been in your shoes also. Many members of our team are backed with first-hand Amazon experience and see themselves are your true ally in helping you achieve success. We care about your outcome.

Finally, a consultant will take measures to foolproof your Amazon seller account, drastically reducing the chances of a suspension. Need help with your Amazon account reinstatement? We can help. Contact us today for a quote to get started.


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