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Amazon Account Suspension Appeal for 3P sellers

Your Amazon account is suspended. You are losing revenue. Your stress level is off the charts.

Get answers, account reinstatement and best-in-class service.

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Get your account reinstated and avoid the Amazon run-around

An Amazon account suspension requires more than just a written appeal. It’s an appeal process requiring experts in problem-solving, communications and persistence.

At Riverbend Consulting, every Amazon account suspension is led and managed by ex-Amazonians and appeal experts. You gain an entire team of people who examine the suspension, then drill into what happened and why. We dissect your account to identify and understand what caused your Amazon account suspension. No run-around, just results.

Why Riverbend Consulting?

Suspension types we have successfully appealed

The Riverbend Appeal Process


Assess & Assist

We thoroughly research your seller account. This goes far deeper than simply reading your Amazon suspension notice. We run reports, search for trouble areas and ask questions. In a personal follow-up call with you, your assigned consultant shares findings and you collaboratively clarify the root cause of the Amazon account suspension.


Create & Communicate

We create a customized Amazon account suspension appeal letter that answers Amazon’s concerns. The Plan of Action is strategic and unique to your business. Then we follow up. Many suspensions require more than one Plan of Action. We provide additional Amazon account suspension appeals, escalation strategies and follow-ups, all for one flat rate.


Reinstate & Reinvigorate

Once your account is reinstated, it’s time to reinvigorate your account. Based on our due diligence, we make recommendations that keep your account healthy and active—and avoid future suspensions.

How to start your Amazon account reinstatement

3P Account Suspension Appeal

Get started immediately on your Amazon account reinstatement

It’s not too late, even if you’ve already submitted numerous Amazon account suspension appeals, even if your account is banned or blocked. In such cases, Riverbend adheres to its appeals process but adapts it to what has been shared with Amazon. Future correspondence and appeals focus on a deeper dive into the root cause of the suspension and what steps must be taken to prevent them from happening again.

Standard Appeal

Our Standard Appeal follows our effective Three-Step Appeal Process. It is designed to get an Amazon reactivation the first time — but we don’t give up if you don’t get it back the first try.

Appeal letter delivery: Four business days or less

Rapid Appeal

Our Rapid Appeal follows the same Three-Step Appeal Process as our Standard Appeal – but your Amazon appeal letter will be ready much faster. This is a great option for sellers with large sales volumes.

Appeal letter delivery: One business day

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