Seller Account Protection (SAP)

Proactive, monthly seller account protection that optimizes account health, ensures a positive Account Health Rating (AHR) and avoids suspensions.

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Making sure your account is protected, strong and steady

Account Health can spiral down in minutes. What showed as strong and healthy an hour ago suddenly crashes into a sales-stopping suspension. No rhyme or reason.

Seller Account Protection (SAP) provides on-the-spot, everyday assurance that your account gets healthy – and remains healthy.

Whether you’re small or large, private label or reseller, our Seller Account Protection (SAP) team is singularly focused on your account’s events, actions and metrics. Seller Account Protection (SAP) provides daily account monitoring, written appeals and expert counsel so your account stays strong and steady.

Amazon Seller account protection

Sustaining a healthy green Amazon Account Health Rating (AHR)

Seller Account Protection (SAP) cultivates a healthy account and keeps it that way. Our team holistically examines your account, works with you to pre-empt problems, pinpoint trouble signs and fix them. It’s all about being green and staying green.

Amazon Seller account protection

Customized Seller Account Protection plans for 3P Sellers


Private-Label Sellers

Private-label sellers, even those with few problems, use Seller Account Protection (SAP) to keep Riverbend on “retainer.” When key ASINs go down, we are on the case.


Mom-and-Pop Sellers

Mom-and-pop sellers receive value pricing that makes sense for their budget. In return, they receive the same high-level expertise as the Power Sellers do.


Large Sellers

Large sellers depend on Riverbend to quickly address their issues. Plus, we provide value-added advice to prevent recurring problems in the future.

Here's how we deliver account protection every day

Daily monitoring

Each day, our team logs into your account checking for performance notifications, scorecard violations and cases. We communicate to you all the most critical information.

Written appeals

When Amazon suspends your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), we work with you to create a definitive, effective appeal, including executive escalation appeals, if needed.

Expert advice

Amazon makes a problem more complex than necessary. Our team of ex-Amazon employees provide in-depth expertise to diagnose and resolve account issues. We deliver deep, practical and well-tested solutions.

Seven reasons to start Seller Account Protection (SAP) now

Amazon seller account protection
  1. Proactive. Prevention through proactive monitoring is key. We reside in Seller Central and are singularly focused on everything happening that impacts Amazon Account Health Rating (AHR) green, yellow and red.

  2. Precise. When Amazon suspends your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), we work with you to create a definitive, effective appeal, including executive escalation appeals, if needed.

  3. Personal. We treat a client’s account as if it were our own. Our business model isn’t transactional. It’s personal.

  4. Continuous. This monthly service ensures your account is checked every day, so nothing is ever missed or forgotten.

  5. Collaborative. We work with you and your team to keep your account healthy and optimized. Our goal is to always work with you, provide counsel and ensure there are no surprises.

  6. Customized. No two sellers are alike. We customize your Seller Account Protection (SAP) plan to fit your specific needs.

  7. Cost-effective. What is the cost for an experienced professional with years of Amazon and Seller Central experience? For a team of them? A lot. With Riverbend, you can have Seller Account Protection (SAP) for as low as $17 a day.

Now offering even more with extended VIP account protection

Learn more about our VIP SAP program as well. It’s ideal for discerning clients who want the fastest possible level of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Seller Account Protection (SAP) is a service designed to serve all seller types and sizes. Seller Account Protection (SAP) can cost as little as $17 per day.

Every day. The Seller Account Protection (SAP) team is not only checking your Amazon Account Health Rating (AHR), but other potential “hot spots” that could result in Amazon action. The team always notifies you of new policy violations or other issues.

Current clients typically have qualitative and quantitative measurements. Common measurements focus on how our team interacts and notifies the client about issues,how the issues are resolved, Amazon Account Health Rating (AHR) status and improvements, and the quality of correspondence and written appeals. Of course, successful reinstatements and issues resolution are key metrics. Some clients also estimate the amount of money and time they saved using Seller Account Protection (SAP) (costs of a down Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), costs of hiring an in-house team, etc.).

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Amazon Seller account protection

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