Amazon Seller Account Support

Efficient management of your Amazon account is a critical part of your success.

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But are these day-to-day tasks distracting from more important things? Rely on Riverbend’s seasoned account support team to handle the bothersome details, so you can focus on growth – or even time off!

  1. Customer service messages. Our experienced team of customer service specialists answers messages well within the desired 24-hour timeframe. We use customized template messages specifically built for your account, to ensure a positive experience for your buyers every time. Great customer service reduces low feedback ratings and returns.
  2. Feedback removal. When buyers leave inaccurate or unfair feedback on your storefront, we work with Seller Support to remove it. This keeps your ratings high and ensures potential buyers view your storefront favorably.
  3. Virtual Assistant (VA) services. Our team can take on projects that are time-consuming and frustrating. Just a few examples include creating RMAs, tracking returns, creating custom reports, uploading photos, sourcing products and more.
  4. Reporting and advice. We provide monthly reports on your account performance, including a detailed log of reimbursement, feedback and customer service activities. Our goal is to keep you as in-touch with your business as you would be if you were handling the details yourself.

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