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Recovering the money that Amazon FBA owes you is complicated and overwhelming. The “fight for what’s right” is exhausting and winning cases seems futile.

It’s not anymore. We provide a better way to handle reimbursements.

It’s your money, and Amazon owes it you.

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Amazon FBA Reimbursement

Enlist Riverbend Consulting’s experts to handle your FBA reimbursements, start to finish:

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We launch services and quickly set up Seller Central. We ensure secure, risk-free account logins, proper permissions and absolute Amazon compliance.


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We engage you, examine your past and present shipments, reimbursements and current status, then begin the fight for your money.


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We do all the reimbursements work, filing file cases, following up and getting your money back, then provide monthly status reports.

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Sign up now for Reimbursement Services and receive a $500 credit.

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