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Book authors on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing face increasing threats to their own copyrights and content. Amazon KDP accounts are being suspended, mostly for alleged intellectual property violations. Why? In many cases it is because Amazon just gets it wrong.

What can Riverbend do to help?

“It was a complete shock to
find our KDP shut down by
Amazon. We write and publish
our own books, all of which
have full copyright protection.
Despite our proof, the account
remained suspended. Why?”

The Riverbend Appeal Process


Assess & Assist

We thoroughly research your seller account. This goes far deeper than simply reading your Amazon suspension notice. We run reports, search for trouble areas and ask questions. In a personal follow-up call with you, your assigned consultant shares findings and you collaboratively clarify the root cause of the Amazon account suspension.


Create & Communicate

We create a customized Amazon account suspension appeal letter that answers Amazon’s concerns. The Plan of Action is strategic and unique to your business. Then we follow up. Many suspensions require more than one Plan of Action. We provide additional Amazon account suspension appeals, escalation strategies and follow-ups, all for one flat rate.


Reinstate & Reinvigorate

Once your account is reinstated, it’s time to reinvigorate your account. Based on our due diligence, we make recommendations that keep your account healthy and active—and avoid future suspensions.

Our team of consultants is keenly experienced and knowledgeable about Amazon KDP. With us by your side, we’ll help you journey through your KDP- related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

It could be an Amazon error. We’ve worked cases where Amazon simply took the word of another seller about copyright ownership without doing any due diligence. There are some issues with Amazon’s IP reporting tool that can create unexpected problems.

Most suspensions are related to intellectual property issues. The most common reasons are:
  • False IP reporting
  • Mistaken enforcement about IP
  • Copyright infringement
  • Platform manipulation
    Our advice is to always be prepared for the worst and do your best to prevent Amazon enforcement. With that said, it’s not always possible. What you can do is make sure you have all documentation ready and easy to access at a moment’s notice. Have hard copies and digital formats of your published works, ISBNs and copyrights.
    Prevention is always the best way to avoid account suspension. For authors in Amazon KDP, the imperative is to verify and validate your own copyrights and other intellectual property. Check them regularly and have them immediately on hand, just in case Amazon takes action.
    A KDP reinstatement may take days or weeks, or sometimes longer, depending on Amazon’s response times, and the quality and availability of a seller’s information and documents. The good news? Our team responds quickly. Once you sign up and we have our initial information-gathering correspondence, you’ll have your written appeal within four business days. We also offer a Rapid Appeal option, which provides you with an appeal within one business day.

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