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How Sellers Can Be Contacted More Easily on Amazon—And Why It Matters

Customer service should be a top priority for any Amazon seller that wants to grow and succeed. One fairly easy way to improve is through open dialogue with buyers, so it’s important to ensure that customers can easily contact you (the Amazon Seller) for any issue, whether it be for product questions, returns or even compliments.

This line of communication can go a long way to securing ever-valuable five-star reviews. Right now, there are three primary ways to contact a seller on Amazon, so make sure you’re attuned and responsive to any inquiries from these channels.

How to Contact Amazon Seller

Contacting via “sold by…” on an ASIN

Amazon provides the name of the seller in the Buy Box when a buyer is looking at an ASIN. If a customer clicks on the “sold by…” link, it invites them to submit questions. The customers will be probed about whether they’re asking about a product they’ve already ordered or another issue. Then, they select a subject category and provide details about the question or issue.

When contacting a seller using this method, the question or message goes directly to Amazon, and then the company forwards it to the seller. Amazon does not reveal a buyer’s email or other information to the seller. Seller responses times often vary, but the top sellers reply within 24 hours.

Through the Orders Page

Buyers can seek assistance from a seller for products already ordered through the “Your Orders” page or button. To do so, they log in to their account and go to “Your Orders.” Clicking on the order related to the seller they want to contact, the buyer is presented with several options including a “problem with order” or “get help with order.” Again, a rapid response from the seller here will help ensure good reviews, or at least help prevent or perhaps soften unfavorable feedback.

Through Seller Feedback

The third primary method: buyers can leave feedback for the seller they ordered from, rating the seller’s overall service and the timeliness of shipping, among other things. This is not a direct method of contact, but it may offer opportunities for a seller to reach out to buyers to try and solve any problems mentioned.

Other Feedback Channels

Buyers may also contact Amazon sellers through additional, but lesser-used channels, including:

Social Media

Customers may also try to reach you through social media if you have those channels set up. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or others, check these services daily and respond as appropriate.

Your Website

If you have your own website, customers could potentially contact you there. So be sure you have someone regularly checking the email addresses that you have listed on your site as well as those email accounts tied to any forms. It’s important to note, however, that you should never direct Amazon customers away from, and never encourage buyers to purchase on another channel that isn’t

Best Practices When Responding to Customer Feedback

Below are some tips and advice for responding to customers when they contact you to help ensure a positive outcome.

  • Be prompt. Try to reply to any customer messages within 24 hours.
  • Be patient. If the customer has a complaint or issue, it’s likely a big deal to them, so be patient and listen to their needs.
  • Be kind and courteous. Likewise, they may also be upset, so it’s best to diffuse the situation with kind words and tone of voice. Let them know that you’ll do everything you can to rectify the situation.
  • Be clear. Make sure that you are following Amazon’s requirements for returns, refunds and replacements. When communicating with customers, be sure to follow up with everything in writing to help manage expectations.
  • Optimize returns. You can really shine as a seller if your returns processes are efficient so the customer can quickly receive any replacement products, while also making it easy for the customer to return damaged or deficient items.

If you need assistance making your business more accessible to customers, or if you need help contacting Amazon Seller Support regarding issues, we’re here to help! Contact us today.


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