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12 Trends to Look out for Amazon Seller Predictions 2024

It’s fair to say e-commerce remains an economic juggernaut. Amazon’s strength and resilience tell us a lot— E-commerce is a force to be reckoned with.

What are our Amazon seller predictions 2024? We start with a few highlights from 2023.

What we experienced in 2023

It was a big year. While fraught with challenges as sellers learned to adapt to the changing tides of e-commerce, here are some highlights.

Amazon seller predictions 2024

#1 Artificial intelligence

In 2023, Amazon sellers were introduced to the massive benefits of artificial intelligence, mainly OpenAI and ChatGPT. From crafting Amazon listings to streamlining operations, AI dominated the Amazon community and was by far one of the biggest highlights of 2023.

#2 Social media

Sellers learned to adapt to Amazon’s changing tides by leveraging social media as a significant driver for growth. By leveraging social commerce, notably the TikTok Shop, sellers engaged more people, boosting sales on social channels and driving traffic to their Amazon detail pages.

Among the drivers of social success included video content, influencers, and user-generated content (UGC) marketing to help promote products in a multi-marketing approach. Sellers learned to embrace social media and find new ways to reap its benefits.

#3 Sourcing, fees and fulfillment

Among the challenges in 2023 were changes to Amazon fees and the tightening of the global economy. Some sellers adapted by flocking to 3PL providers to loosen Amazon’s grip on fulfillment and ease cost restraints. Others tightened the reins on pricing strategies, while some found new markets to source products–all in an effort to keep costs down.

#4 Amazon policy changes

In 2023, Amazon changed several policies to help meet the demands of its customer base. Amongst those changes included a return insights policy to help sellers navigate returns. Policy change is to be expected on Amazon now and in the future.

#5 Multi-channel marketing

To stay ahead of the curve, sellers adapted by exploring different channels, such as Walmart, Temu and Alibaba, as options for expansion. With competitive fee structures and large customer bases, new channels offered sellers alternative platforms to scale their businesses.

#6 Gen Z who?

In 2023, sellers adapted marketing techniques to unearth more of Amazon’s growing demographic, Gen Z. While millennials still take the cake with shopping habits, aligning marketing strategies to Gen Zers was a bright move for sellers in 2023. By fueling authentic marketing, tailoring messaging, and opting for transparent and ethical practices, sellers broadened their reach to target young shoppers with cash-filled wallets.

#7 Increased competition

In 2023 alone, more than 9.7 million sellers flocked to Amazon. Increased competition meant sellers had to find ways to differentiate, reduce costs, and expand in a multi-channel approach.

Don’t let increased competition scare you off, however. Amazon continuously seeks to expand its reach–which means more access to ready-to-buy customers in 2024 and beyond.

Where will Amazon be in the next 5 years?

amazon seller predictions 2024

According to the stock market, Amazon isn’t going anywhere. Amazon stock is expected to climb to $200 by the middle of 2025 and at least $250 by the end of 2026 (Good news for investors and, hopefully, Amazon sellers.).

But with growth comes competition. Post Covid, online shopping has become the new standard in households across the globe. Competitors like Walmart, Shein and Temu are expected to give Amazon a run for its money in 2024 and beyond.

Yes. Amazon will dominate, but so will the competition.

What are Amazon seller predictions 2024?

If we’ve learned anything over the last two to three years, it’s that Amazon knows how to pack a punch. Expect the unexpected, and prepare to open your mind to new digital frontiers. New technology and advanced AI will dominate the online space.

Here are our top Amazon seller predictions 2024.

#1 Augmented reality and virtual reality

Eventually, customers will expect online giants to offer virtual try-on experiences so they can visualize products on a deeper, personalized level. This change to online shopping will be a massive driver in the future and 2024 and is expected to help boost sales as customers gain more trust through AR and VR technology.

Amazon seller predictions 2024

#2 Artificial Intelligence

Our second biggest Amazon seller predictions 2024 is that AI will continue to advance–obviously! New AI tools and software will dominate the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon sellers will continue to lean on AI to unearth product research, the buyer journey, marketing trends, cost-saving measures, streamlined fulfillment, advertising and more. You will start to see software for AI-generative images and A+ Content. Sellers will continue to lean on AI for drafting email communication, exploring Amazon reviews and more. Expect AI to boom–and be willing to adapt.

#3 Mobile shopping

Every year, shoppers flock to mobile devices to browse and buy from their favorite online stores. According to Statista, approximately 187.5 million U.S. users will make at least one purchase via web or mobile apps on their mobile devices in 2024.

Amazon listings will require mobile-friendly visuals and captivating storylines to connect and convert mobile shoppers. AI will be a significant component of listing optimization and the mobile shopping experience in 2024.

#4 Hyper-personalization

Yet another Amazon seller prediction 2024 is hyper-personalization, which is how Amazon sellers will learn to tailor their marketing to individual customers.

More and more customers expect brands to understand their needs and wants. Sellers must adapt by leaning on AI to create targeted experiences through data, analytics and automation. Doing so will help sellers unearth the buyer journey as Amazon makes product recommendations based on customer browsing history. Stay ahead of the competition through hyper-personalization in 2024.

#5 Voice search optimization

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa will continue to rise, transforming how customers interact with the online giant. To stay ahead, you must adapt by optimizing product listings for voice search as customers continue to rely on voice commands to search and purchase products.

#6 Social commerce

Social platforms will continue incorporating in-app shopping and e-commerce features to boost the effectiveness and prevalence of social media shops in 2024. Amazon sellers will need to focus attention on incorporating social commerce, such as TikTok Shop, into their marketing strategies.

#7 Purpose-driven marketing

To ensure sustained success in the ever-changing world of e-commerce, Amazon sellers will need to look for ways to adopt sustainable and purpose-driven marketing strategies that align with their values.

Authenticity is everything in 2024–It’s not about showcasing eco-friendly or sustainable initiatives. By authentically validating your brand’s purpose, you can better resonate with Amazon’s customer base to attract and retain a loyal and socially conscious community.

#8 Enhanced security measures

Amazon seller predictions 2024

Security measures are ramping up across the digital landscape, and the same is true for Amazon. In 2024, Amazon is expected to introduce enhanced security measures due to data privacy, cyber security challenges and bad actors.

Sellers can expect enhanced authentication processes to protect consumer data while implementing multi-factor authentication and encryption protocols are possible. There will likely be more pressure on sellers to report security infractions or concerns as Amazon tightens security measures.

#9 Content marketing

The need for content has exploded after the global pandemic. Sellers must continue to lean on short-form video content, live streaming, and user-generated content to market to audiences on and off Amazon in 2024. Developing a content strategy and workflow will aid in creating content that targets specific segments of the buyer journey.

Leverage AI to analyze customer data so you can create tailored content that caters to individual preferences. A personalized approach will enhance the shopping experience in 2024, making customers feel valued.

#10 AI chatbots

AI chatbots will play a significant role in the customer experience to help businesses streamline operations and reduce costs.

Chatbots will transform how businesses interact with their customers by providing end-to-end support. Expect chatbots to help with standard problem-solving and advanced personalized customer issues.

#11 Long-term influencer partnerships

Gone are the days of one-of-purchased posts and meaningless sponsorships. The fall of the influencer has meant audiences can sniff out brands doing shady product promos. Brands should seek to establish long-term partnerships with influencers where both feel valued and connected. In turn, sellers stand to create connected communities where brand advocacy can flourish.

#12 Strategic promotions

If you don’t already have a pricing strategy, it’s time to consider one. As customers respond to inflation, a pricing and promotional strategy can help you establish cost-saving measures before it’s too late. Enact price management now, particularly ahead of major shopping events like Prime Day.

How to keep up with changes on Amazon

Selling on Amazon requires a little grit. Adaptability is your biggest ally in finding success on the platform. Here are a few strategies you can leverage to stay ahead of our biggest Amazon seller predictions 2024.

Attend Amazon events: Participating in Amazon conferences and events can open opportunities to network with experts and sellers to stay ahead of emerging trends, tools and technology.

Engage with industry experts: Follow and connect with Amazon thought leaders in the Amazon ecosystem across social platforms. I welcome you to visit my own LinkedIn, participate in content discussions with Riverbend, and seek insights with our team to stay up-to-date with the latest Amazon trends.

Continuous learning: Be agile and willing to learn every step of the way so that you aren’t left in the dark as the marketplace advances. Be open-minded and willing to explore new opportunities.

Riverbend Consulting blog: Subscribe to our newsletter, get answers by reading the RBC weekly blog. We strive to keep sellers informed with the latest industry news, Amazon activities, and more.

Experiment with new tools: Try new tools, software, and technology that emerge in the Amazon landscape, including AI. A hands-on approach will help you gain firsthand experience to stay ahead of the curve. Remember, whatever you, know Amazon’s rules policies and Seller Code of Conduct before using tools that may trigger Amazon enforcement (suspension).

Partner with the best: Scaling an Amazon business means all hands on deck. Sometimes, finding the right experts isn’t easy. Experts at Riverbend Consulting help you navigate account health, appeals, Brand Registry and more so you can stay attentive to other trends in the Amazon ecosystem in 2024 and beyond.

What to avoid in 2024

Every year, sellers flock to Riverbend Consulting with a few recurring issues. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in 2024.

#1 Haphazard account management

An unhealthy Amazon seller account is almost always a death sentence on the platform.

Avoid account issues by taking a proactive approach to account health. Review your catalogs regularly, be transparent with your product offers, avoid restricted products, and be willing to take ownership if you face an account suspension. Account health is the backbone of your Amazon business now and in the future.

#2 Weak customer service

Amazon doesn’t take poor customer service lightly, as the platform boasts one of the most proactive customer service experiences known to man. Keep on top of customer inquiries, reply within 24 hours, be polite and professional, avoid humor, and seek to solve problems proactively. Make this year your best year for customer service.

#3 Insufficient forecasting and logistics

Trying to cut corners with forecasting and logistics is a no-no, especially in 2024, with a recession looming. Consider 3PL partners to assist with streamlining your logistics to avoid hefty Amazon fees in the new year. Stay abreast of manufacturing timelines and leverage software to help you forecast to the best of your ability.

Cheers to a successful 2024

It is crucial to recognize that the marketplace itself and how users engage with Amazon are evolving. It’s not necessarily more challenging to sell on the platform; it’s just different and more robust than six to 10 years ago.

Staying informed and being agile and open-minded will help you adapt to emerging Amazon trends and business trends.

If you need a leg up this year, Riverbend Consulting is your best ally in all things Amazon. We’re subject-matter experts, from ex-Amazon employees to long-time sellers and brand owners–we’ve been in your shoes. We take on seemingly insolvable challenges that other agencies can’t and won’t touch. We call it the Tough Stuff that sellers can’t seem to resolve.

While your competitors seem lost in the abyss of Amazon change in 2024, you’ll have access to top-notch Riverbend experts no matter what change or challenge comes your way.

As always, we’re here to help. Contact us.

Amazon. Solved.


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