How do I find my Amazon Seller ID, Merchant ID and Merchant Token?

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In my years at Amazon, the recurring frustration I heard from sellers was, “where’s my seller information—and what exactly is my seller information?”

They were frustrated when trying to figure out what exactly it was:

  • What is my Seller ID?
  • I have a Merchant ID as well?
  • What is a Merchant Token?  

Virtually every seller I’ve met agrees that Amazon tends to place critical information in the weirdest places, especially in Seller Central’s maze of pages, tabs, sections, menus, sub-menus, and links.

It is my goal to help make this as easy as possible and reveal the mystery. Let’s talk about Merchant ID, Seller ID, and Merchant Token.

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Know It and Find It: The Merchant ID & Seller ID

Your Merchant ID and Seller ID are one and the same. They’re synonymous. They are a combination of letters and numbers created as your primary identifier by Amazonfor Amazon.

Where is the Merchant ID? The first place to find it is in every URL of every product you list. You can also find your Merchant ID in your Amazon storefront URL. Here’s how:

  • In Seller Central, go to your Amazon storefront URL by clicking on your storefront link. This can also be done by going to one of the products you are selling.
  • Now, click on the line that says “(Seller Name) Storefront,” where you will see this. Click on the storefront link, which takes you to your storefront. There, you see the Merchant ID.

  • Now, take a look at your URL from this page (below). See the string of letters and numbers after “me=”? That’s your Merchant ID.


Increase sales with your Merchant ID/Seller ID?

So what can you do with your Merchant ID/Seller ID? Beyond simply knowing it helps you communicate with Amazon seller support, this ID can be leveraged to increase sales.

With it, you can send direct links to your customers. These links give your customers a quick, easy way to your Amazon product page, and it shows in the Buy Box! (even if you DO NOT HAVE the main-page Buy Box on Amazon).

So, how can you do this? You can add your Amazon Seller ID to the end of the URL that you are selling. Here’s how:

  • Find the Amazon Product URL link.
  • Once you have that link, add the following:

&m=[your merchant ID]

If we use the ID shown above, it looks like this: &m=A1IPKJZDXF9J3.

This is a great way to drive your customers straight to your product and increase sales. As they grow, winning the main page Buy Box is possible, assuming you are competing with other sellers listing on the page.

What is your Merchant Token?

Your merchant token is a unique seller identifier used in Amazon Merchant Transport Utility (AMTU), third-party applications, and XML feeds. They match up products that you upload with your seller account. CAUTION: Be extremely careful with this information and avoid sharing it with others. Persons with this information can make significant changes to your account.

To find your Merchant Token, you can sign into your Seller Account. From the main page on your seller account, go to settings in the top right corner of your page. A gear symbol will represent this. When you hover over the gear, a pop-out window will appear with options; you want to select the Account info link.

This will bring you to your Seller Account Information Page. From here, you will see different links. Find “Merchant Token,which is located in the Business Information box. Click the “Merchant Token link, and you are done. Here you will be able to find your Token.

In addition to these identifiers, exploring the Account Information tab in Seller Central is always a good exercise. It gives detailed information that impacts your account status, health, primary contacts, and more. Be sure to keep all that information up to date.

Here is a quick look at each:

  • Merchant ID: The primary way Amazon identifies your account and storefront
  • Seller ID: This is precisely the same as your Merchant ID and used interchangeably with Merchant ID.
  • Merchant Token: Your merchant token is your unique seller identifier. It works “behind the scenes with technologies (Amazon Merchant Transport Utility/AMTU, third-party applications, and XML feeds). The token connects products you upload into your seller account.

While seemingly basic to know, many sellers still struggle with locating their information and why it’s important to know and use. And when you need an extra hand managing your account, resolving an Amazon policy violation or even making sure your seller information is up to date and  “Amazon friendly,” we’re here to help.



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