Why your veteran Amazon seller account may get “verified”

By Published On: April 30, 2020Comments Off on Why your veteran Amazon seller account may get “verified”

Certain actions – or even no action at all – can get older accounts flagged. Even veteran amazon sellers may get verified.

“Papers, please.” That’s the surprising request veteran Amazon sellers are receiving. Yes, your veteran Amazon seller account may get “verified.” You need to know why.

It’s verification. It is common for new Amazon sellers. When a seller signs up for a new account, they are asked to provide documentation proving their identity. Typically, this is a driver’s license or passport, plus a utility bill in their name.

But now, Amazon is asking holders of old accounts to prove their identities as well.

Veteran Amazon accounts

Why veteran amazon sellers may get verified.

Believe it or not, Amazon does not verify accounts because they have nothing better to do. It’s not even a Medieval torture device for sellers. Rather, Amazon is required by law to gather certain information and ensure it is accurate.

Certainly this is to protect Amazon – and to protect buyers. They must prevent money laundering. In addition, they must make sure that sanctioned sellers are not on the platform. Whether this is related to an entire country sanctioned by the U.S. government or an individual known to engage in criminal activity.

Many veteran account holders never went through verification. So no documents of any kind were required when they signed up to sell on Amazon long ago. Oftentimes, it is actions inside of these older seller accounts that kick off a fresh verification review. For example, the seller may have changed their contraction information. This includes banking information, credit card, tax ID number or address. If these are slowly changed over time, it is less likely to kick off a verification review. A verification review is almost inevitable if all these fields are edited within a day or two.

What if they don’t accept my documents?

In most cases, Amazon is able to verify accounts quickly and easily. They match your name and address on a government-issued ID (passport or driver’s license). As well as on a utility bill from the last 90 days. Therefore, it is critical that your name and address match on your Amazon account and your documents. Mismatches are the most common reasons for suspensions related to verification.

Finally, if Amazon does not accept your documents, don’t despair. Try the following:

  1. Ensure that everything matches on your documents.
  2. Double-check the document quality. Sometimes, a bad scan can lead to rejection.
  3. Explain any relationships between yourself and your company name.

Still running into trouble? Give us a call. Your situation may require professional help. Because the front-line investigators in Seller Performance rarely feel empowered to overrule a rejected verification. We find that escalations to executives are usually needed for success. We are here for you and your business! Let’s talk 877-289-1017 or visit our website.


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