NY Lockdown – What it means for your Self-fulfilled Amazon Business

By Published On: March 24, 2020Comments Off on NY Lockdown – What it means for your Self-fulfilled Amazon Business

NYC lockdown, what it means for amazon sellers

What should Self-fulfilled Amazon Business owners think with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing the mandate that all employees of non-essential businesses must stay home? It’s natural to have fears that this will directly impact your merchant-fulfilled Amazon business, especially if you already took a hit with Amazon’s temporary FBA moratorium of inbound items that they deem “Non-Essential Household Goods.”

We here at Riverbend had the same concerns, so the moment we were made aware of the announcement we started researching what this means for you and your employees.

We have good news!

Per New York State’s designation of “Essential Services”, warehouse/distribution and fulfillment make the cut as “Essential!” Mail and delivery services also fall under this designation. 

A full list of New York Essential Services can be found here: 


Of course, the health and wellbeing of you and your employees is the highest priority and sheltering in place at home may be the right choice for some or all of you. However, if you are able to take orders, know that this New York Executive Order does not prevent your warehouse operations and order fulfillment to continue at whatever capacity you can currently execute.

If your Amazon business needs additional support through this trying time, know that Riverbend Consulting is here to help. We can assist in monitoring your account to ensure that your shipping metrics or Seller Fulfilled Prime status stays healthy among a host of other services that may help you keep your account up and running.

We are open for business and would be happy to discuss your concerns regarding your Self-fulfilled Amazon Business or whatever is keeping you from sleeping at night. No issue is too big or too small. Follow us on social media for constant updates. Call us for peace of mind. 877-289-1017


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