Riverbend Consulting’s New VIP Service gives Sellers powerful resources to protect their Amazon accounts

By Published On: October 2, 2019Comments Off on Riverbend Consulting’s New VIP Service gives Sellers powerful resources to protect their Amazon accounts

Led by Cathy Ceely, this new package offers in-depth insights, POAs, on-call help and more

How effectively can you respond to account warnings? Where do you go with pressing Amazon policy problems? What happens when Amazon threatens to suspend your account or take down key ASINs?
These questions matter to every third-party seller, but they are critical for those with large and high-profile selling accounts. That’s why Riverbend Consulting has launched a new, high-touch service created specifically for strategic sellers.
Riverbend VIP Service helps large sellers safeguard their accounts, keep their ASINs selling, and deal with challenging Amazon issues. The service is managed by Cathy Ceely, a 20-year Amazon veteran who recently joined the Riverbend team.
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The new service from Riverbend is particularly critical at a time when Amazon has dramatically changed its Growth Services, now known as Strategic Account Services. The Amazon program has eliminated the promise of escalations for key account issues from its advertising. In addition, if sellers do receive escalations, they cannot be submitted for several days after the original appeal. These services are provided by Amazon for $1,600 per month plus 0.3% of gross sales for the prior calendar
month. Most account managers in the group are newer Amazon employees located in Costa Rica.
“Sellers need an experienced advocate to help them strategize and solve the endless issues that come up when you have a high-volume account,” Cathy said. “This can be anything from listing problems and competitor attacks to Seller Performance warnings and requests for information.”
Cathy and the Riverbend team bring deep experience to bear for sellers in the increasingly complex Amazon ecosystem. With VIP service, sellers benefit from:
  • Two calls per month with Cathy to discuss their burning questions an Amazon challenges
  • A monthly review and report of their account healthy by the Riverbend team
  • POAs to answer Amazon inquiries regarding ASINs, policy violations, etc.
  • On-call assistance when threats arise

“Once upon a time, large sellers could rely on their size and their relationships at Amazon to protect their accounts,” Ceely said. “That is just not the case anymore. Instead, we encourage large sellers to put together a team who can help them as challenges come up – and give them accurate, actionable information about how Amazon really works.”

Riverbend will accept a limited number of VIP clients for this exclusive service. For more information, call 877-289-1017 or email sales@riverbendconsulting.com


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