Six factors to examine when facing an “inauthentic” Amazon ASIN suspension

“Inauthentic” policy violations hit sellers hard. ASINs and accounts get suspended for such complaints.

Amazon’s notification is obtuse and can virtually mean anything. We’ve had clients get their accounts and ASINs suspended based on one buyer’s negative comment. Even when sellers can prove authenticity, show valid sourcing agreements and deliver a stack of legitimate invoices to Amazon, the suspension can remain stuck.

So, what’s the issue and what’s the fix? When talking inauthentic Amazon ASIN suspension can mean anything. It doesn’t necessarily mean Amazon is saying, “You are selling fake stuff.” It’s more likely Seller Performance suspects something is awry. They may see a pattern of complaints, negative feedback, poor reviews and increased returns. These generate red flags for the authenticity of merchandise.

 Inauthentic Amazon ASIN Suspension

So, is it authentic or not?

How confident are you that what you’re selling is authentic? We’ve had hundreds of clients – honest, hardworking clients – who never doubted they purchased legitimate products, then found out otherwise. Claims of “inauthentic” can mean any number of things.

Six factors to examine inauthentic Amazon asin suspension

1. Shocked to discover fake stock?

You never doubted you purchased authentic products from a reputable source. But now you realize you could be selling fake stuff. It happens. Buyers who are loyal customers to a brand will spot the inconsistencies and point them out. The root cause here is usually sourcing from questionable providers. Always avoid liquidators, especially those who are selling random products that are palletized in bulk. These products could have come from anywhere, could be obsolete, expired, broken and more. How will you ever prove product authenticity if hit with an Amazon violation? You can’t. Avoid liquidators at all costs.

2. Listing a generic item on a branded ASIN?

This is a common error that triggers ASIN and account suspensions. Don’t make the mistake of listing your generic product against a recognizable, major brand. This is a major mistake. Another way this happens, is when a “generic” listing is modified by a competitor to show its brand. This can get you in trouble. It’s a painful process to untangle this mess and get Amazon to care. Our best advice? Don’t list generic products. Always include a brand and manufacturer.

3. Is your product crumpled or cracked?

You could be selling items in bad condition. Amazon buyers expect merchandise to be in perfect, gift-giving condition. This means the packaging – inside and outside – should be free of dings, creases and shelfwear. When applicable, seals should be present. When an Amazon buyer receives an item with box damage, they may (unfortunately) complain of inauthentic Amazon ASIN suspension. To prevent these kinds of complaints, up your inspection game. Ensure that the outer packaging is always perfect. Also, review Amazon’s condition guidelines.

4. Is “damage” the culprit?

You could be facing lousy prep-and-pack practices. Your items could be getting damaged in transport – whether you’re sending them to the Amazon FBA warehouse or direct to customers. When buyers receive broken cosmetics, leaking shampoos and bent posters, they complain. You cannot control what their complaint might be – and some assume that a broken or damaged item must be fake. Improve your shipping performance, from upgrading packaging to better prepping items.

5. Could it be the fault of FBA?

Yes. Amazon does a poor job of receiving and grading returns. Sometimes, when opened and used items are put back into your fulfillable inventory, it can lead to authenticity complaints.

6. Facing the consequence of commingling?

Commingled inventory is a nightmare. Don’t be tempted to go down this road. With commingled inventory, another seller’s fake items could be used to fulfill your orders. Instead, take the time to sticker all of your inventory – or pay Amazon to do it for you.

If you face an ASIN suspension, or your account is suspended, please reach out We’re here to help. Contact us!


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