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How to File an Amazon Seller Central Case and Get Results!

Imagine an Amazon account issue has surfaced and you’re frantically trying to navigate an Amazon Seller Central case, but your case is getting stuck in a loop where your questions aren’t being properly addressed or your case continuously gets closed without reason. It’s not a nice memory or thought, is it? Sadly, many Amazon sellers have been in this situation, and it’s not exactly a good time to be had.

Amazon Seller Central case

Opening a case is a normal part of the process when selling on big e-commerce stores like Amazon. Whether you have issues canceling a product listing, finding a customer’s shipping address, or even trying to revoke the suspension of your seller account, Amazon is there to address all these issues. And it doesn’t matter how big or small the issues are; Amazon seller support is available for anyone and anytime.

But let’s be real. Things aren’t always peachy with your case and sometimes getting a decent response is tiring at best. Learn to navigate Amazon case to help you get a better outcome. Keep reading to find out how.

What is an Amazon Seller Central case?

Amazon Seller Central case is designed to help brands and sellers manage all parts of their Amazon business effectively. While trying to run your business, you might run into issues that only Amazon can resolve, and that’s where Amazon seller support comes in. Amazon seller support is a team tasked with assisting sellers in the Amazon journey from the registration process to getting approved. But it doesn’t stop at that.

A case is what you open should you have issues with your FBA or FBM account that you can’t resolve on your own. The case includes the issue you are facing and for how long, and the Amazon seller support team will use these case to try and resolve issues for different sellers.

Why is navigating a case with Amazon Seller Central challenging?

Amazon has created quite a reputation thanks to its excellent customer support. However, when it comes to their seller support, the reputation is somewhat different and not in a good way. Anyone who has worked with Amazon seller support will tell you that it can be time-consuming, difficult, and very frustrating to resolve issues. Why?

  • The support team might respond with canned answers that don’t solve your problem. Canned answers are basically predefined generic answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Sometimes the Amazon seller support team will close your case without resolving the issue.
  • The support team might also provide freestyle responses that make no sense and have little to do with the issue you raised.
  • Because of all these issues, sellers are bound to open cases repeatedly and still not get an appropriate solution, creating a cycle of frustration

How to get a more helpful response from your case

While the Amazon seller support team has shortcomings in handling seller issues, at times, it is all about how you contact the support team to explain your issues. So, how do you get the support team to be more helpful in their response to your case?

  • Start with a clear ask and state what you need help with in a single clear sentence. So, it helps if you have basic information about the issue. For instance, if you are having issues with the shipment, explain this along with the shipment number.
  • Explain to the support team what you already did to try and resolve the issue. Sometimes, you could have an issue that you can solve with a little research through the frequently asked questions. You can contact the seller support team if that doesn’t solve your issues. When you do that, list in bullet form ways you tried solving the issue before realizing only the support team could help.
  • State why the Amazon seller support team must resolve the issue. If possible, tie this to a benefit for Amazon whereby not resolving the issue could affect the platform negatively. Also, try stating that by not resolving the issue, it’s the Amazon buyers’ user experience that will be affected. Amazon is very keen on maintaining its reputation as the largest e-commerce store providing the best customer experience.
  • Restate the request for specific assistance and emphasize why the team must resolve the specific issue.

Maintaining a good relationship with Amazon seller support can make all the difference when you have issues with your seller account.

What to do if you get another response that doesn’t address your issue or if your case was closed?

What happens when you don’t get the answer you want after explaining the issue and restating strongly why it needs resolving, or your case is closed as solved? The last thing you want to do in this case is lose your cool, although we understand the frustration that can ensue.

  • If your case is closed without resolution, re-open the case. Persistence is very important when dealing with Amazon seller support. They receive so many requests that sometimes it’s easy just to give a generic answer and close the case, especially if you don’t explain your issue clearly.
  • Be firm and kindly explain that your case was not answered satisfactorily or resolved. Explain that based on the answer you were given, you don’t believe that anybody actually read your case and took the time to try and solve it.

Tips for dealing with Amazon seller support

It’s no secret that Amazon seller support can leave you very frustrated. Sometimes, someone will look at your case and respond with a generic answer you can easily access in the frequently asked questions section. Sometimes, someone will respond with an answer that doesn’t make sense and close the case. Despite all these:

  • Be kind and polite, whether it’s through email or a call. It will go a long way in ensuring the support team does their best to help solve your problems.
  • Be measured and give as much information regarding the issue as possible.
  • Don’t use temper or foul language. We understand the process can be frustrating, but that doesn’t give you the right to be rude to the support team as that will just give them a reason to keep you waiting or give you a generic answer and then close the case.
  • Be understanding. The Amazon seller support team are human beings who are also overwhelmed trying to provide customer services to sellers while simultaneously answering technical issues. If they don’t provide a helpful answer, politely follow up and mention that your issue was not solved.


Kindness goes a long way, but sometimes kindness won’t prevent poor responses and a lack of solutions. Take a deep breath if you get stuck in a case loop without proper resolution.

Focus on clear cases that stick to the facts and be prepared to open another case if necessary. Believe it or not, seller support has improved over the last several years, and Amazon does consider how to make improvements with support.

If you need help contacting Amazon Seller Support to resolve any issues you’re having, we’re here to help! Contact us today.



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