Discover which FBA inventory you can ship to the warehouse

Apr 9, 2020

By: Lesley Hensell

Amazon won’t let all ASINs be shipped to its warehouses – but you may be able to send in some

The deadline for Amazon to accept FBA inventory from 3P sellers has come … and gone. Even though Amazon hasn’t completely opened up shipments for all goods, that doesn’t mean you cannot send at least some of your items!

Hidden in your account is a new screen that shows which items Amazon will accept into FBA warehouses. Follow these simple steps to see which inventory you are able to send in:

  1. Log on to Seller Central
  2. Under the “Inventory” menu, go to “Inventory Planning”
  3. Click on “Restock Inventory” at the top

There you will see a list of all the ASINs you are eligible to send to the FBA warehouse. Here is another option, if you’d like a report format:

  1. Log on to Seller Central
  2. Under the “Reports” menu, go to “Fulfillment”
  3. On the left-hand side of the screen under “Inventory,” choose “Restock Inventory”
  4. Run the report

Keep in mind, just because you can send in some inventory, doesn’t mean that is your best option. We are hearing reports that FBA inbound shipments are being received very slowly – and sometimes sitting for days before they are touched. What does Riverbend recommend?

  1. Restock your FBA inventory if you are in danger of a stock-out
  2. Don’t expect FBA inventory to be received quickly
  3. Keep units on hand for merchant fulfillment
  4. Create both FBA and MFN offers for your items, and fulfill yourself if Amazon is not shipping in a timely manner

The key right now is flexibility. Sellers who are prepared to fulfill via their own orders or leverage a fulfillment house are going to fare better in the long-term than those who are dependent solely on FBA. 

If you need help with a new shipping strategy or to find a fulfillment house that will assist, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help!

Amazon MFN sellers, we are here for you and your business! Let’s talk 877-289-1017 or visit our website.

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