FBA basics are key to keeping a tidy account for inventory.

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FBA basics that can save you thousands of dollars

While it is exciting and exhilarating to be part of this global marketplace, Amazon is such an expansive operation that it is critical to be organized with your inventory and shipments.

While you may start out strong, over time and the busier you get, the less thorough you may become.

What you can control, do.

There is no need to ship your inventory to Amazon and just hope for the best. You can’t control what happens on the way or at the warehouse, but you can control your record keeping as well as how you package your items from the beginning.

Tidy FBA

  1. Do not skip any of the labels. Each box, pallet and master carton needs its own label. If your boxes and cartons get separated from the shipments, the label will help them find their way back into your inventory. Amazon will almost always default to not searching for or reimbursing you if you did not follow proper labeling guidelines.
  2. What you can control in the FBA process is keeping a tidy account of everything you send in and everything that goes out. When the inevitable happens, (your inventory goes missing), these additional steps will help your case in the reimbursement process for your missing inventory.
  3. Keep your paperwork super organized. From original invoices, tracking numbers and proof of deliveries, to signed bills of ladings, make sure to keep an organized digital file of each shipment. When something goes missing, Amazon will want proof you sent the inventory to them.
  4. Keep an account of your inventory. Know the quantity you ship in, what you sell, and what you should still have in your inventory. When you are a small operation, you may do this manually though it may be time consuming.  As you grow, inventory management software could do the trick. Using a system to keep track of inventory will help to know when you are missing items. When you notice, and can prove discrepancies, this give you the best chance to be reimbursed.

In conclusion

Setting these labeling and record keeping habits early on will save you much frustration when you have to open a case for missing inventory. Never assume Amazon will just take care of it even when using their shipment labels.

Be diligent and organized to maximize your experience and profitability on Amazon.

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