How Sellers Should Contact Amazon Seller Support

Sometimes being a third-party seller on Amazon today means having to solve problems with either your account or with your ASINs. This often requires contact with Amazon Seller Support in order to get your issues addressed. The following is a guide explaining when and how to contact Seller Support to try and get the best-possible results in a timely manner.

Where to Go

The Amazon machine is vast, and this often makes it challenging to identify which is the right department to reach out to, should an issue arise. To start off, you will need to login to Seller Central, which will give you access to all the Help files and the option to contact Seller Support.

When clicking “Help” at the top-right of the screen, select a category under which your issue falls. You will be prompted to provide more details about the issue by choosing even more categories from the drop-down menus. Scroll down to the “talk to someone” link and click on “phone.”

Enter your country and telephone number. If your country is on their drop-down list, you could be asked to specify your number to get a call-back.

Before contacting Amazon customer support, however, ensure you have all the information about your account at hand to verify your identity. This may include your full name, address, credit card information, and details about your last purchase or seller transaction. In addition, the Amazon representative will send a verification code to your phone at the start of the call.

Common Reasons to Contact Seller Support

There are many reasons why sellers may need to contact Amazon, including:

  • Problems with inventory feeds
  • Inability to list items
  • Image uploads
  • Fee issues with FBA
  • Reporting other sellers
  • FBA issues like lost or damaged inventory

Seller Support is customer service-central for sellers – so use them. They are there to answer the how-to’s of selling, using Seller Central, and solving issues that arise with running a business on Amazon.

Best Practices for Writing or Calling Seller Support

When contacting any department at Amazon, there are some best practices we recommend that help reduce wasted timed and frustration. These are especially relevant for contacting Seller Support because they have the ability to help—or hinder—a seller. Here’s how to get the best response from them:

  • Be prepared. Have your ASIN, specifics issue or other relevant Amazon data ready for the call or case you file
  • Be patient and civil. You may be justifiably upset, but Seller Support will be less likely to want to help you if you’re rude or angry
  • Know who, what, where, when and why. Lay out your issue factually, in concise words, to help them understand your issue. Many Seller Support reps are not native English speakers, so it helps to reduce slang use and colloquialisms
  • Ask for what you need. Clarity in all phases of your communication is important, but if your goal isn’t clear, you’re likely to get nowhere
  • For calls, have a script. If your issue is complex, it can be useful to write down what you know you need to convey before getting on the phone
  • Don’t spam them! Sending multiple cases to Seller Support about the same issue is bad form but also can get you in trouble with Seller Performance. Support can also restrict your ability to file new cases

If you need help contacting Amazon Seller Support to resolve any issues you’re having, we’re here to help! Contact us today.


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