VIP Seller Account Protection

Are you a brand owner who sells your branded products on Amazon? Maybe you’re a reseller with a high volume of sales. You may be a candidate for our VIP service. This is Riverbend’s Seller Account Protection service – on steroids.

VIP service is ideal for discerning clients who want the fastest-possible level of service from our most knowledgeable, experienced consultants:

  • Report issues with our custom portal. Simply log in and let us know when you need help.
  • Get a fast response from dedicated admins and analysts. Your ticket is immediately assigned to our VIP team.
  • Leverage the experience of ex-Amazon employees with broad knowledge and winning strategies. This includes monthly phone calls and ASIN appeals from our dedicated VIP team.
  • Benefit from monthly Account Health reporting. We notify you of problematic trends or areas of concern, so you can proactively protect your account.

We help keep your account healthy, with fast and effective ASIN appeals, plus the practical advice you need.