Spring clean your Amazon seller account

By Published On: May 8, 2020Comments Off on Spring clean your Amazon seller account

Don’t let a messy Amazon account cause problems or hamper sales. Clean it up!

Spring has sprung. Don’t only spend time cleaning your house. Invest some time spiffing up your Amazon seller account. That’s right, spring clean your Amazon seller account.

I want to give you a few tasks you can tackle today that will help reduce the risk of future problems. In addition, I’ll offer suggestions that may increase sales. 

You can’t spell Spring without IP

Anyone who has dealt with an intellectual property (IP) issue will tell you that they are not fun. IP issues can be related to trademark, copyright, counterfeit, or patent. Unfortunately, they can be pretty complicated.

There are steps you can take today to reduce the possibility of an IP issue in the future and better prepare you to address one if it should happen:

  1. Clean up your inventory. Just because a listing is inactive, out of stock or you have never sold it, that does not mean it cannot cause you headaches. IP issues can arise from any listing that appears in your inventory, even if you never had any units of that item for sale. If you have a bunch of listings in Manage Inventory that you are not going to sell, delete them! Why take a chance on having to address an issue that you can prevent just by deleting the listing?
  2. Can I see your license and registration? If you are selling licensed, copyrighted or trademarked products, you are at risk for an IP issue. That is the harsh reality of selling on Amazon. Even if you are authorized to sell a product, at some point, you could be asked to prove it is authentic. If Amazon were to request documents such as a Letter of Authorization or Licensing Agreement, do you have that paperwork? Now is the perfect time to get yourself prepared for just such a situation. If you do not have these documents, contact your supplier or the Rights Owner to get them now. Keep them on file. That way if something does happen, you can respond quickly and minimize the downtime for your account.
April showers bring May … Product Detail Pages:

When was the last time you looked at your Product Detail Pages? Let me clarify that. When was the last time you looked at them on your phone? 

A very wise colleague pointed out to me that most of the shopping done on Amazon is through the use of mobile devices such as our phones. However, most sellers create their listings on PCs and laptops, which have fairly large screens. The pages are created with images to be seen on these larger screens, and the titles may get a bit lengthy to maximize the search exposure. 

Then there are the bullet points and descriptions, which can also get a bit wordy at times. In the end it looks great on a 24-inch monitor screen, but how does it look on a 4-inch cell phone screen?

Now is a good time to go back and look at some of your Product Detail Pages from a different perspective – a smaller one. Break out you cell phone and take a look at some of your PDPs. Do they convey the necessary information in the smaller format? Are they easy to read and understand? Do the images appear clear and easy to see? Are your bullet points ordered with the most important one first?

You want your Product Detail Pages to be clear and concise at any size.

Have questions? Now is the time to get answers

Don’t wait until crazy Q4 to have your critical questions answered. Just spring clean your Amazon seller account! If you need advice or have questions about your Amazon account, ask them now! Check out the help files on Seller Central. Go through Seller University. Start some discussions in your favorite Amazon seller groups.

Or, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Riverbend Consulting. We are happy to get your account shipshape. Let’s talk 877-289-1017 or visit our website.


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