Are automatic reimbursements a smart Amazon strategy?

Jul 29, 2019

By: Lesley Hensell

This may sound like a good idea. But allowing software to file cases for automatic reimbursements can take down your Amazon seller account.

Amazon’s FBA Service and automatic reimbursements can be a life-saver for large third-party sellers. It can also provide the worst-possible fulfillment service, with no accountability and zero concern for sellers’ probability.

That’s why it’s critical for sellers to watch their inventory and ensure they are reimbursed when Amazon:

  • Loses inventory
  • Damages inventory
  • Doesn’t receive inventory
  • Fails to credit an account when a return is not received
  • And many other shady circumstances

Sometimes, Amazon does reimburse a seller without being asked to do so. But in many cases, the payment needed to make a seller whole never happens unless a case is filed.

This has led to the creation of many services that offer to find and file for reimbursements. In fact, we here at Riverbend find tends of thousands of dollars for our clients every single month.

But sellers need to know one important thing: there are some reimbursement strategies that can put your account at risk. Definitely pursue your funds, but avoid doing the following:

  1. Automatic case creation. Some software services automatically create cases with Amazon. This is dangerous and should be avoided. Amazon wants a human being to create the cases asking for return of funds.
  2. Duplicate funds requests. Were you already reimbursed for a particular ASIN, either by Amazon automatically or after you asked for the funds? You or your service provider must maintain a comprehensive database or spreadsheet of cases that have been filed. If you ask for the same funds repetitively, the Gods of Amazon grow angry.
  3. Too many cases at once. You should only file a limited number of reimbursement cases at a time. If you always have three to five cases open, you should be fine. Be patient, and ensure cases are resolved before you attack new ones.

Finally, follow-up is key. When Amazon promises you cash, make sure they actually fund it to your account in the guaranteed timeframe, which will be anywhere from 15 to 45 days.

Want to get all the cash Amazon owes you, without the accounting or administrative hassles? Let Riverbend work for you. We don’t make a dime unless we get your funds back.

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