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3 ways Editorial Recommendations boost the bottom line for Amazon brand owners

You need an edge on Amazon. What if you could increase sales, clicks and impressions for your products, without breaking the bank?
If you’re a brand owner or private-label seller, you can! The solution is a relatively new section of the Amazon search results page, Editorial Recommendations. These are short articles written by a network of trusted publishers that have been pre-approved by Amazon.

Why should sellers care?

We can help place your products into one of these articles. And Editorial Recommendations drive a lot of sales at a bargain rate. The process is fast and easy for sellers:
  • Choose a product with 100 or more reviews and an average of 3.8 stars or better
  • Work with our team to choose three excellent search terms/phrases
Our team does the rest. We ensure you receive an Editorial Recommendation from a reputable publisher, such as Men’s Health or Good Housekeeping. The article will label your product as one of the “best” products for your search term.
Most exciting is that Editorial Recommendations appear on page 1 of search. Even if your organic ranking lands you on page 3 or 4, your product will pop to the head of the class with an Editorial Recommendation.

There are other benefits as well.

Editorial Recommendations improve an ASIN’s overall performance, with better:
  • Organic rankings and conversion rates
  • SEO on Google and other search engines
  • Bottom-line results for PPC campaigns
You pay nothing until the Editorial Recommendation appears on Amazon.com.
Don’t delay. The process takes 4-6 weeks, and early adopters are reaping the rewards of moving quickly. Let Riverbend help transform your most important ASINs today.

Let’s talk 732-832-7528 or contact us here.


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