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This time of year, we know we all have days or weeks where minding our Amazon storefront is not going to be a top priority. As Riverbend’s Account Support client, you can feel free to relax, worship, travel or celebrate without worries.

We recommend the following steps to allow yourself the freedom to relax and let us take the wheel for you.

  1. Let us know when you will be out of the office. A firm start and end time is ideal, but we are flexible.
  2. Set your Amazon store to “vacation mode”. This status will keep you from receiving MFN orders so that you don’t have to worry about shipping orders.
  3. Be aware that you will still receive return requests. Our team will automatically accept them after two days such that you don’t receive A to Z claims for failure to respond.
  4. Give us an emergency contact number. Just on the off chance that something urgent and immediate arises in your account, we do need to be able to contact you. We will only use this number if we feel that you are at risk of suspension.
  5. Let us know if you’d like us to customize an out-of-office type message for any CS that would require us contacting you to respond to the buyer. We’ll use it to make sure that you don’t surpass SLA while we wait for a response. We have these in place but can write one tailored to your business if you’d like.
  6. Double check that our emails are in your contact list such that any correspondence doesn’t fall into your spam folder and get missed when you return to work.
  7. Remember to rest easy; we’re watching your Amazon account for you.Riverbend Consulting logo

Want to know more? Give us a call 877-289-1017 or visit us online www.RiverbendConsulting.com


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