7 Ways to Power up Prosper 2023

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, not in our case. What happens – or can happen – is being shared and laid bare. Right here. So, for you and the thousands of Amazon sellers attending Prosper 2023, March 13-15, here are 7 ways to power up Prosper 2023 – and your presence at the show.

power up prosper 2023

Ways to Power up Prosper 2023, March 13-15

  1. On the exhibit floor, make eye contact. Why is it that show attendees would rather be hung by their toes than make eye contact with the man or woman standing at a booth? Attendees don’t bite. Neither do exhibitors (well, most of them don’t). It’s a mind game. Don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable, just engage. And if you’re not interested, be kind and say, “no thanks but have a great day.” As an exhibitor, most of us do the same.
  2. Pack in the programs. Not all shows are created equal, and not all shows are brimming with revelation. This year, you have a long list of interesting sessions, including Riverbend Consulting’s own Lesley Hensell. She is speaking from 2:10 p.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 15, in Oceanside E. Be there! You will see how to “Turn Seller Performance into a Money Maker: Transform Account Health from Cost Center to Profit Driver.”
  3. No, you don’t need another stress ball. OK, maybe you do. It’s part of the fun, isn’t it? So go ahead, come by our booth. It’s #721. We don’t have stress balls, but we are offering something much more fun … let’s just say Bezos is a big fan. Come by and we’ll prove it.
  4. Find your java. The only juice that powers us up at Prosper (and any other place) is a brimming hot cup of coffee. Here are the coffee havens we found. Some of them even deliver (and have much-needed wi-fi)!
    The Jolt Coffee Co.
    Coffee N Rock
  5. Extend, don’t pretend. That’s cute talk for “being real.” Whether you’re a seller, vendor or somewhere in between, recognize the heartbeat of every person at the event—and in the exhibit hall. We’re doing our jobs. And ultimately, we should be there to help (listening, learning, questioning, directing and delivering). That doesn’t require a hard sell or obnoxious behavior. Just be real.
  6. Don’t stumble, avoid trouble. What can we say, Vegas has a reputation. So, let’s all have fun (anyone up for seeing Barry Manilow?) and be careful out there. Know your surroundings and head back to Prosper – and your hotel – safely.
  7. Experience the 721 effect. We’re a bit biased, but we hear Booth 721 is a must-go destination for every seller. Oh wait, that’s our booth (yes, we’re sharing it with Ritz Momentum). If you’re a seller feeling more pain than progress with your account, or you need advice – even a written ASIN appeal or account appeal – you need to step in and meet our team. No pressure. Our goal is to solve problems. Your problems. Best of all, you can come by our booth and Ask Us Anything. If you hurry, you can still set up a 1:1 at-booth consultation.

Most of all, we wish you the best experience at Prosper 2023. See you there!

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