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Choosing an Amazon VA, Everything you Need to know

There comes a point in your Amazon business when you can’t go it alone. There are not enough hours in a day. Your to-do list grows, tasks become complex, and eventually, you’re burning the candle at both ends. It’s time to delegate and hire. Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) can help streamline your business operations, alleviate burnout and maximize your time.

Let’s review the ins and outs of Amazon Virtual Assistants. We’ll explore what an Amazon VA is, what tasks Amazon VAs perform, and the benefits of hiring from our VA team. Let’s dive in.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon virtual assistants are remote workers who bring diverse skill sets to Amazon sellers worldwide. Amazon VAs are integral to an Amazon seller’s business and contribute immensely to the Amazon community.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Is an Amazon VA worth it?

Yes! Loud and clear, hiring an Amazon VA is worth it to help you scale your business. When effectively hired and applied, a VA is invaluable.

What is the role of an Amazon virtual assistant?

An Amazon virtual assistant is meant to take some of the strain off your operations by providing a wide net of assistance with routine tasks.

Tasks can include but are not limited to:

  • Amazon account setup and management
  • Product research and sourcing
  • Product listing management
  • Amazon seller support
  • Account health management
  • Market research and analysis
  • Administration and human resources
  • Problem-solving
  • Customer service

What’s the difference between an Amazon virtual assistant and an Amazon consultant?

Amazon VA

Both roles are valuable but significantly different. The consultant on Amazon offers more complex, focused assistance on larger projects. Some consultants provide one-on-one coaching and will meet with you weekly or monthly to review the hurdles in your business. Other Amazon consultants offer services like pay-per-click advertising, written appeals, and more. At Riverbend, our consultants are Amazon experts who provide strategic advice, write appeals, and reinstate ASINs and accounts.

Can you hire an Amazon VA to help with the Walmart Marketplace?

Some Amazon VAs can leverage their experience and skills to move into Walmart-related account tasks. It may be worth leveraging your Amazon VA to work on Walmart-related tasks, depending on their knowledge and experience.

What are the benefits of hiring a Riverbend Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Virtual Assistant
Fig 1.0 Riverbend Consulting Amazon VA Tasks

One benefit of choosing Amazon virtual assistants from Riverbend Consulting is that we remove the stress and strain of the vetting process. Below, we’ll review the comprehensive benefits of choosing our specialized Amazon VAs.

Benefit #1 Discover a customized team that cares

When it comes to growing your operations with Amazon virtual assistants, one of the biggest benefits of choosing a Riverbend VA is that we offer the backing of an entire team that is fully customizable.

Our Amazon virtual assistants provide tailored assistance designed to meet your specific business needs. You can work with project managers during onboarding to set goals and assign tasks in order of importance. Why waste valuable resources on tasks you don’t need assistance with when you can cater to our VAs to meet the needs of your growing operations?

You’re not just tapping into one individual, though– you’re harnessing the collective expertise of a done-for-you team. Never worry if a VA is out of the office; another VA team member is always on your side for seamless operations.

Benefit #2 Comprehensive training and education

Riverbend VA services adopt a comprehensive training approach that distinguishes itself from standard Amazon VA training in the community. Amazon’s marketplace is dynamic. Staying ahead requires keeping informed about policy updates, trends, algorithm updates, and the latest and greatest strategies. We provide access to ongoing education, support, and mentorship so that each VA possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements faced by Amazon sellers.

Before a VA is assigned to any seller, they undergo an intensive training period lasting 10 to 15 days. This ensures that each VA is well-prepared and proficient in its tasks and responsibilities, contributing to a higher level of service.

Dedicated project managers train and support our VAs so they are always under direct leadership. Under this hierarchy, the project manager is responsible for overseeing projects, approving tasks, providing feedback, and ultimately ensuring a quality experience where your VAs are engaged every step of the way. Our Amazon virtual assistants benefit from the collective intelligence of the team, ensuring that your business is agile and adaptive to changes in e-commerce.

Benefit #3 We coordinate all administrative duties

When you opt for our Amazon virtual assistants, you don’t need to worry about invoicing, payroll, tracking hours, etc. Our team takes charge of administrative duties, including payroll management, time tracking, follow-up, and more.

We ensure that your Amazon operations run smoothly, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Benefit #4 Human resources without the hassle

The HR component is integral to our Amazon VA advantage. Coordinating HR responsibilities for virtual assistants involves managing work schedules and handling any personnel-related issues that may arise. We handle all the onboarding and offboarding so that all you need to do is trust that they’re in your corner when you need them most.

You not only gain virtual assistants with specialized Amazon skills but also benefit from a comprehensive support structure that eases some of the operational complexities of managing a remote workforce.

Benefit #5 Amazon-specific expertise

When you choose to hire standard Amazon VAs, the truth is you never really know what you’re going to get. They tend to do many tasks not necessarily specific to Amazon and can take on too many clients, impacting their performance.

Riverbend’s VA team is vetted and trained specifically for the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. From understanding and implementing Amazon’s performance metrics to staying updated on policy changes, account health metrics, and more, our Amazon virtual assistants are well-versed in maintaining compliance. This is particularly crucial in an ever-evolving landscape where adherence to Amazon’s code of conduct is paramount to your success.

Benefit #6 Accelerated and streamlined communication

Another pivotal advantage of choosing our Amazon virtual assistants is the commitment to open communication. Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful business– especially an Amazon business. We go the extra mile to ensure that your interactions with your virtual assistant team are seamless, prompt, and efficient. You have direct access to your virtual assistant team, enabling you to receive status updates, provide feedback, and address concerns promptly. This open line of communication eliminates challenges associated with remote collaboration.

Benefit #7: Sustainable, cost-effective solution

Riverbend provides a stable and reliable team of virtual assistants, eliminating the need for sellers to invest exhaustive resources in a repetitive hiring process.

Our virtual assistants are renowned for their expertise and reliability in handling various Amazon business operations. This knowledge translates to effective and impactful contributions to your business, ultimately leading to increased profitability and growth.

The average price point for our virtual assistants may be slightly higher than independent VAs, but the reward is a stable operation with reliable, expert Amazon VA assistance–where the cost is worth it. Our team-based approach enhances the skill pool and promotes effective communication, shared learning, and adaptability – crucial elements for success in the competitive realm of Amazon. You never want to gamble your seller account just to save a few dollars.

Is there value in an extensive VA onboarding process?

Absolutely, there is. Unlike scouring freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr, you don’t need to stress about interviewing, hiring, or onboarding our VAs. We take care of onboarding on your behalf. Our onboarding process is as follows:

Step 1: A project manager meets with you to discuss your goals, budget, key tasks, responsibilities, project milestones, and communication preferences. Our goal is alignment and transparency so we can meet and exceed expectations.

Step 2: We implement hands-on training sessions with your new VA team, focusing on relevant skills and tools. Our Amazon VAs are equipped to get to work within approximately five days from initial onboarding.

Step 3: We spare no time working through the most important tasks, prioritizing every step of the way. All tasks are reviewed by our dedicated project managers with your approval.

Step 4: Expect regular communication between you and your assigned team of Riverbend’s Amazon VAs. We’ll facilitate a seamless integration into your business to align with your business goals. With transparent, prompt communication, you’ll never be left in the dark regarding project status, VA feedback, Amazon disputes, administration, etc.

Tips for working with Amazon VAs

Amazon virtual asssitant tips

What can you do to ensure a positive VA experience? Whether you choose us or not, here are a few tips to maximize your experience.

Tip #1 Communicate your needs: Communicate what you need when you need it most for the best impact. Don’t be shy!

Tip #2 Mutual respect: It’s important that both parties feel valued and respected. We aim to foster mutual respect with transparency and open communication.

Tip #3: Delegate and let go: Taking over projects harms your operations in a few ways. One– you aren’t leveraging your time, and two, you’re wasting your money (which we don’t encourage). Let go so your VA team members can help you streamline operations to the best of their ability.

Tip #4 Keep it professional: Being friendly and professional is necessary on both sides of the hiring equation. Boundaries are important and should be respected.

Tip #5 Know what you’re getting–and what you aren’t: What are you getting for your money? An individual? Someone who is truly qualified? Have you considered “what if” a VA goes incognito or inadvertently works your account while working on other accounts (a linked accounts nightmare)? With Riverbend, you receive a comprehensive suite of services, including expert Amazon consultancy, Amazon policy compliance, account health management, account protection, strategic planning, and other specialized services.

Tip #6 Consider time zones: Certain circumstances, like scheduling meetings, can be challenging due to time zone differences. Establish a clear understanding of time zones, hours and availability.

Being mindful of time zones fosters efficient communication, prevents misunderstandings, and creates a cohesive working environment for a successful partnership.

Tip #7 Learn a little about time blocking: As you scale your business, you may feel you can’t escape your laptop. (FYI– it’s totally normal to feel this way.)

Learning to time block can help you escape burnout and comes in handy as more people (including VAs) require your attention. Lesley Hensell, CEO and co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, highly recommends Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport in addition to his time block planner. Luckily, our VAs are always lurking in the background to help you unlock more hours in a day.

Discover what Amazon Virtual Assistants can do for you

Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant is usually worth every penny you spend. It depends on the VA’s skills, talent, availability–and resources.

Check out our Happy Hour episode on YouTube featuring Lesley Hensell and our director of monthly services, Emanuela Elias. Learn how Amazon VAs can help transform your business from our experts at Riverbend Consulting.

Questions about Riverbend Consulting and Amazon virtual assistants? Drop your questions and comments below.

We’re here to help. Contact us today for a free Amazon consultation.

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