Brand Reviews- what gives?

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Brand reviews got you asking questions? We have the answers.

Many brands or categories may require some sort of brand review through Seller Central to list your inventory on Amazon.

Recently, Riverbend has seen many questions regarding category or brand review.

This happens when you have already been approved for a brand (ex: Nike, Kitchen Aid, etc.) and have been selling for 6 or more months.

Occasionally, Amazon will request that you submit new documentation. You do this to show your supply chain for these products after you have already passed the initial approval process.

Amazon is not typically asking for information regarding a specific ASIN.

Typically Amazon is not asking for information regarding a specific ASIN. They want to verify your supply chain for the brand or category in general. Amazon may also sometimes state that since you were approved to sell within that specific brand/category that the compliance requirements were updated.Brand Review

They usually will ask that you send an email to with the following information:

— Store name

— Seller Account Email Address

— Invoice(s)

These invoices do not need to cover 365 days’ worth of inventory but should be a good example of your supply chain for the brand or category. This is best proven with a copy of an invoice from within the last year that shows a bulk buy.

To wrap it up:

They are not removing your approval or stating they have received any complaints, but simply would like to re-verify your supply chain.

We have seen quick responses to this request, and you should have approval again within 2-5 business days.

If after 5 business days you have not received a response and you are still unable to list your inventory, we suggest you reach out to Seller Support to request an update.

If you have questions about category/ brand reviews contact Riverbend Consulting or give us a call, 877-289-1017. Our team will be happy to help!


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