The value of an Amazon mastermind group: Creating new forums to meet other sellers

A few years ago, it might have been possible to create a seller account on Amazon, join the general Amazon mastermind group, and get your business going with reasonable sales and reviews. Today, changes on Amazon and e-commerce isolation will leave you frustrated, burned out, and struggling to solve some day-to-day issues.

The truth is that it’s pretty difficult interacting with other sellers directly on Amazon because everyone is busy with their personal and e-commerce lives. Joining the general Amazon seller forum is also not as effective as it seems.

With the right mastermind group, you’ll find many sellers helping each other solve everyday problems, sharing resources, offering strategies and inspiration, and building an expansive network.

The people who make up these exclusive Amazon mastermind groups have a great deal of experience and knowledge about making money on Amazon. They are motivated and successful, and they understand the challenges of being a seller in such an extremely competitive online marketplace.

With the numerous free seller platforms on Facebook and other channels, you may not be so enthusiastic about paying to join a premium Amazon seller group. However, if you’re thinking of joining an Amazon mastermind group or wondering if it’ll benefit your Amazon FBA business, you should read along. We’ll discuss the perks of joining a private-member or premium Amazon seller group – and how you can leverage the same to accelerate your e-commerce business.

What are the different types and sizes of Amazon Mastermind group available to sellers?

amazon mastermind group

You’ll find many Amazon mastermind group out there with different offers. Some groups are small with a cap on the number of members, while some have a large membership with amazing benefits. For example, there are small masterminds with about 3 to 6 people, and some mastermind groups accommodate as many as 150 members.

Amazon masterminds also differ in their eligibility conditions and subscription prices. A small mastermind group will most likely charge more than a larger one.

Whatever the case may be, all the group members come together to share collective intelligence, support one another, and build successful ventures.

What two mastermind groups do we recommend?

With endless information, ads, and content about the best Amazon mastermind groups around, finding the right mastermind group can be overwhelming.

To make your search easier, we’ve put together two of the best Amazon seller groups you can join to grow your Amazon FBA business.

Titan Network is a member-only Amazon mastermind community with over 1000 Amazon sellers providing mentorship, training, and highly effective strategies to one another. Amazon experts and successful sellers with an average annual sale worth millions of dollars on Amazon came together to build this mastermind group. The community takes pride in helping sellers achieve exponential growth and a lasting Amazon seller success.

When you join the Titan network, you’ll get exclusive access to these successful sellers who understand how to stand out from the competition and scale your Amazon FBA business. They offer different strategies and advice including guidance on legal, tax, and shipping issues.

How to join

To become a member of the Titan Network on Amazon, you have to register on their website and schedule a phone call with a representative from their team to get an estimate of the membership cost.

Million Dollar Sellers (MDS) is another mastermind group you should look out for if you’re an Amazon seller. The mastermind group was the first to be verified by Amazon, and today, they have over 500 members across the globe with more than $5 billion in cumulative revenue.

Membership perks of joining MDS include 24/7 access to an exclusive Facebook group for members, participation in global networking events, and access to learning resources and training. Members also enjoy weekly live calls with industry experts about trending topics and white hat methods of boosting Amazon sales, and they get discounts on software and online resources among other perks.

The MDS group recruits members every month. To join, you must pay an annual due of $4,997 (that will be refunded if they reject your application or your interview is unsuccessful), complete the application process, and go through an interview process.

You must also prove that you’ve made more than $1 million in revenue in the past year, as MDS will verify this and other information before your interview.

How to get the most of a mastermind group

Paying to join a mastermind group is great, but not taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunities is not a smart decision. Make the most of your Amazon mastermind group subscription by:

Attending as many online events as possible

Generally, Amazon mastermind groups hold online events where they share business hacks, tips, and other important information from time to time. Take an active join in these conversations and ask questions or contribute to the discussions.

Attending a minimum of 1 live event per year

Leveraging live seller events is another way to make the most of your mastermind subscription. At these events, you’ll meet directly with industry experts and connect with other people with unique ideas and initiative. There are tons of free resources and next-level speakers at live events and many events are worth their weight in gold.

Making similar friends

Being committed to a mastermind group also improves the chance of meeting Amazon sellers with similar challenges or on the same scale as yours. Group members will be more open to being friends with you, and you’ll be able to help each other navigate challenges and grow.

Being part of personal and lifestyle discussions

Besides business, you’ll find opportunities to have personal and lifestyle discussions with your mastermind team members. Some offer workout/yoga sessions and health discussions that members can enjoy and learn from. Keeping a healthy mind and body in e-commerce is essential to avoid burnout, and having like-minded people to motivate you in this mindset is a bonus.

Final Thoughts

If you know your way and associate with the right people, you’ll be able to alleviate challenges, mitigate risks, and scale your Amazon FBA business quicker.

Joining the right Amazon mastermind group for sellers can be the difference between a million-dollar Amazon business and a struggling one. In mastermind groups, you’ll find industry experts and similar business owners with the resources, knowledge, and support you need to run a thriving Amazon FBA business.

Also, make sure you put in the work and make the most of every opportunity when you finally decide to take your business to the level.
Are you currently part of an Amazon mastermind group? How effective are they to your business? Share your experience in the comment section below.

If you would like an introduction to one of these groups, reach out and we’ll happily connect you.


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