Your super old suspended Amazon account can be reinstated

By Published On: November 21, 2017Comments Off on Your super old suspended Amazon account can be reinstated

Can your very old suspended Amazon account be reinstated? Yes!

How old is too old? When it comes to suspended Amazon seller accounts, quality is definitely more important than the number of years passed.

Recently, we got a client’s account reinstated 6 years after his suspension. Surprisingly, it took just one letter to Seller Performance, and he was back in business.If you have a languishing third-party seller account that is important to you, we suggest the following:

  1. Make sure you still have the correct login information. In some cases, sellers have forgotten and misplaced the email address associated with the account. This makes reinstatement virtually impossible.
  2. Comb through your email accounts and find any correspondence from Amazon relating to the account suspension. Keep in mind that most of the critical data in your account – even performance notifications – is no longer visible.
  3. Search your memory. Reconstruct the hows and whys of your account suspension. You need to be able to tell a compelling story including the reasons for the suspension, what you did to address the problems, and how you will ensure they never happen again.
  4. Hire a pro. For this particular kind of suspension, hiring a professional can be critical. You might only have one shot to convince Amazon when so much time already has passed.

If you have an old Amazon account that is important to you, contact us at Riverbend Consulting. We can try to get that account back on track.


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