Amazon is requesting an invoice, what do you do now?

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Amazon ASIN reinstatement through invoices

Experienced Amazon sellers know when a buyer makes inauthentic or condition complaints. Amazon wants more than a quality Plan of Action – they want an invoice.

Invoices and the information on them help Amazon determine if you have quality and authentic sourcing. It is important not to take these request lightly.

Amazon requested invoices for your inventory, now what?

Before submitting your invoices, take some time to ensure you are meeting Amazon’s standards or you will waste your first review. Which leads to longer reinstatement times, which then impacts your bottom line – money!

  • The invoice displays: company name and matches the legal entity registered in Seller Central
  • All supplier information is available including their name, address, phone number, and website. Amazon will use this information to contact your supplier so take a few minutes to verify the information is current.
  • In the last 365 days if an invoice was issued and the quantity purchased represents those sales, yet Amazon can’t account for those sales, your ASIN won’t be reinstated.

DO NOT ALTER YOUR INVOICESAmazon asked for an invoice


Even if you want to make a seemingly innocent change, like rewriting unclear text or changing the balance due, do not do it.

If Amazon suspects you have altered your invoices, they will suspend your account. This type of deception is extremely difficult to overcome, even if you have good reason. Doing this potentially can label you as forgers.

Amazon doesn’t like dishonest sellers. If you’ve lost invoices or the information is unclear, call the suppliers and ask for reprints.

Amazon will however allow you to black out pricing information and highlight your ASIN/line item. That is the ONLY alteration that can be made.


  • Keep invoices in a central depository so you know where to find them when the time comes.
  • Invest in software that will help you organize invoices by ASIN and date.
  • Do not sell inventory on Amazon if you don’t have invoices to back sales.
  • If invoices are not itemized because you buy in bulk or because you are sourcing from a supplier who sells the item by category and not a unique product code, don’t expect Amazon to accept them. If they can’t match the product to the listing, your ASIN won’t be reinstated
  • Amazon does not accept commercial invoices, bills of landings, or packing slips in lieu of an invoice.
  • Amazon is unlikely to accept Proforma invoices. Proforma invoices don’t prove that a transaction was completed. That kind of invoice is essentially a quote. Supposing that is all you have, call the supplier and request an updated invoice that shows the transaction was completed. It will also have a zero balance.
  • Amazon does not like long form receipts and retail arbitrage. This kind of receipt is hard to read and even harder to verify.

If you have submitted your invoices multiple times and you continue to get the same vague response, Riverbend can help!

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