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Discover new avenues for growth and expand into Amazon Canada

This guest blog is written by Arda Özkan at Forceget, a Riverbend Consulting partner.

Amazon is significantly strengthening its footprint in Canada with targeted investments in its fulfillment network and an expanded product and service portfolio designed for Prime members. The company is also intensifying its Canadian operations by recruiting additional staff members and broadening its logistics network. This expansion is making a constructive impact on the Canadian economy.

Discover new avenues for growth and expand into Amazon Canada

Amazon’s decision to expand in Canada is underpinned by several compelling factors. First and foremost, Canada stands out as a sizable and prosperous nation with a steadily increasing population. This growth not only presents a substantial customer base but also signifies a thriving market ripe for exploration.

Second, the shift toward online shopping is unmistakable among Canadians, and Amazon holds a premier position as their favored online retailer. This preference underscores Amazon’s strong rapport with the Canadian consumer base.

Lastly, Canada’s reputation as a stable and predictable market enhances its allure for foreign investment. This reliability offers a secure environment for businesses seeking sustainable growth and prosperity in the long term.

There are several key factors fueling Amazon Canada’s remarkable growth, benefiting both the Canadian economy and consumers:

  • Wide selection and competitive prices: Amazon’s diverse product offerings at competitive prices resonate with Canadian consumers.
  • Convenient shipping and returns: Amazon’s commitment to user-friendly shipping and return options enhances the shopping experience for Canadians.
  • Trusted brand: Amazon’s reputation, built on selection, pricing and ease of use, continues to gain the trust of Canadian consumers.
  • Infrastructure investments: Amazon’s substantial investments in Canadian infrastructure are resulting in faster shipping and lower costs.
  • Expanded product range: Amazon’s continual expansion into categories like groceries, electronics, and clothing solidifies its position as a comprehensive shopping destination.
  • User-friendly platform: Amazon’s website and diverse payment and shipping options offer Canadians a seamless shopping experience.

Six more reasons to expand into Canada

Its’ clear that Amazon is upping its game for Canadian sellers. Here are six reasons to consider Canadian expansion.

  1. Fulfillment centers are the backbone for expansion. Amazon’s strategic expansion in Canada hinges on its investments in fulfillment centers (FCs) nationwide. These strategically positioned hubs play a pivotal role in ensuring rapid and efficient product delivery to customers. Amazon’s unwavering dedication to swift order fulfillment has brought about a revolution in the Canadian e-commerce industry. The presence of these fulfillment centers not only accelerates shipping times but also provides employment opportunities for thousands of Canadians. With more than 16 fulfillment centers in operation across Canada, Amazon has become a significant player in the country’s job market.

  2. Amazon Prime elevates the shopping experience. The launch of Amazon Prime in Canada has had a profound impact. Subscribers benefit from fast, complimentary shipping, gain access to Amazon Prime Video and access exclusive deals on This subscription service has played a key role in both retaining existing customers and drawing in new ones, offering beyond comparable convenience and value.

    Amazon Prime is also a big help for third-party sellers. They can use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, where Amazon stores their products in its centers and delivers them quickly using Prime. With FBA, third-party sellers send their products to Amazon, which takes care of storing, packing, and shipping when someone buys. Amazon also handles customer service and returns for FBA orders.

  3. Amazon empowers small businesses. Amazon in Canada helps small businesses grow. The Amazon Marketplace helps Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners sell their products on Amazon. Amazon takes care of selling and delivering, and the sellers look after their listings and customers. The Amazon Marketplace also offers numerous advantages for small businesses, including access to a vast customer base, low startup costs, scalability, and support from Amazon through features like the FBA program, Seller Central and Amazon Advertising. Amazon facilitates small business growth and success in the digital economy.

  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a must-have. While Amazon is widely known for its e-commerce operations, its cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has made significant inroads in Canada as well. AWS data centers have been established in multiple Canadian regions, helping Canadian businesses scale and innovate by providing a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. Canadian businesses are now unlocking the potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to spearhead their digital transformation, a journey marked by enhanced efficiency and the adept handling of complex challenges. AWS has become the go-to choice for Canadian enterprises, and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of AWS:
    • Scalability: AWS seamlessly adapts to the ever-evolving needs of a business, making it a reliable partner for scaling up and streamlining operations.
    • Reliability: Renowned for its robust reliability, AWS boasts an impressive track record of minimal downtime, ensuring smooth operations.
    • Security: With an array of robust security features and services, AWS provides the protection for data and applications.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Choosing AWS is a solid, cost-efficient decision that doesn’t compromise quality.
    • Innovation: AWS is synonymous with innovation. It consistently introduces new services and features.

  5. Amazon eyes even more opportunity. Amazon Canada is expanding and growing. Some additional trends include:
    • Amazon Fresh Expansion: Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery service in select Canadian cities, is set to broaden its reach. This presents fresh business prospects for food and beverage sellers.
    • Amazon Advertising Growth: Amazon’s potent advertising platform enhances customer reach and sales. Tailored ads can target demographics, interests, and purchase histories, boosting business.
    • Amazon Logistics Advancement: Amazon continually strengthens its logistics network. Businesses can send products to Amazon warehouses, streamlining shipping and customer service, saving time and costs.

  6. Amazon is committed to sustainability. Amazon’s expansion in Canada is strategic. It also has a profound commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Amazon Canada is leading the charge with a series of innovative eco-friendly initiatives, including the adoption of electric delivery vehicles designed to leave zero tailpipe emissions in their wake, thereby contributing to reduced air pollution. Amazon Canada has set a resolute goal of achieving 100 percent renewable energy use, relying on sources like solar and wind power to fuel its operations. The company also champions ‘frustration-free packaging,” which streamlines the unboxing experience and minimizes waste by designing packaging that requires no special tools to open.

What are the challenges?

While Amazon’s expansion in Canada has brought numerous benefits, it hasn’t been without its challenges and controversies. Concerns related to labor practices, the impact on local retail businesses, and data security have surfaced over the years. Amazon continues to address these issues, often through initiatives designed to support local businesses and workers.

Additionally, venturing into new territories always brings its set of hurdles, and Canada is no exception for Amazon. The company grapples with multifaceted challenges, from mastering intricate customs and trade regulations to orchestrating an agile and efficient supply chain. The goal is not just to break down barriers at the border but also to maintain a seamless and delightful customer experience.

The future is bright for Amazon Canada

Despite some challenges, Amazon’s future in Canada appears bright. In a constantly changing e-commerce environment, Amazon is set to maintain its prominent role, strengthening its presence in the Canadian market. As Amazon’s footprint continues to grow in Canada, Amazon FBA experts will assume an increasingly critical role in guiding local businesses toward success. Together, Amazon and these specialists are poised to revolutionize the logistics landscape in Canada and craft a more seamless and delightful customer experience.


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