Boost your sales with Amazon listing optimization

Every Amazon seller knows the excitement of refreshing their Amazon seller central account to find their very first sale. Marveling at your hard work, you see your sales figures climb. But what happens when those numbers suddenly begin to decline, or worse off, what happens if you don’t garner any sales organically?

Amazon listing optimization is updating and changing the product detail page to improve visibility, click-through rate, and conversion rate to generate more sales. Optimizing your listing can have a massive impact on organic rank and sales and is a necessary evil for selling on the platform.

This article will offer in-depth information on Amazon listing optimization. We’ll start with the basics to the most crucial elements of listing optimization so you can refresh your amazon seller dashboard and hopefully see more sales.

What is an Amazon listing?

There are numerous products on the online marketplace to choose from when shopping on Amazon. These products are represented by text, images, and videos that provide shoppers with adequate information to help them make informed shopping decisions.

An Amazon listing (or Amazon product listing) is the product page of a particular item available on the platform. The listing contains basic information about each product. It includes details such as the brand name, product name, title, five bullet points, product description, A+ content, images, videos, and other necessary information like color and model number.

Why optimize your Amazon listing?

An Amazon listing makes the buyers’ shopping experience fast and seamless because they can quickly locate the product they want from a simple search. Customers can get a concise description of the product they are looking for – making it easier for them to decide if the product they view meets their needs or solves their problems.

If Amazon listing optimization is done correctly, your product should garner more visibility and hopefully an increase in conversions.

The results of a poor Amazon listing include:

  • Fewer conversions
  • Wasted ad spend from external traffic
  • More sales for your competitors
  • Low keyword rank
  • Negative customer reviews
  • Poor category BSR

Amazon optimization means ensuring you include all relevant and highly searched keywords, compelling copywriting, and graphics that demonstrate your product benefits and features.

You’ll optimize your Amazon listing when you first create the listing, over holidays, during changing seasons, and once you’ve updated your product offer, enhanced images, or discovered new and relevant keywords.

How to fully optimize your Amazon listing

To create an effective Amazon listing that attracts shoppers and converts more sales for your business, there are certain elements you must optimize. These include:

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is paramount to Amazon optimization. While your Amazon product title is the most essential element of an Amazon listing, keyword research helps improve traffic and clicks of the listing as a whole. Utilize highly relevant & highly searched keywords in your Amazon listing and your title for the best results.

Shoppers should be able to get an overview of your product just by reading your title. The title contains up to 200 characters and the most potent keywords for maximum discovery and sales.

Another area you’ll want to optimize is your backend search terms. The backed search terms contain the most relevant highly searched terms you couldn’t fit in the customer-facing listing.

2. Bullet Points

Amazon allows a minimum of 5 bullet points for each product, sometimes more depending on the product category. Each bullet point is a chance to highlight the unique features and benefits your product offers. Compelling bullet points use captivating copywriting to attract shoppers and finalize the sale.

It’s vital to review Amazon’s terms of service and style guides to understand the requirements set forth by Amazon for the overall content in your Amazon listing optimization efforts.

Create bullet points highlighting the product’s core features and benefits with your best, most potent keywords.

3. HTML Product Description

After crafting compelling bullet points, it’s best to add more information to the product description of your Amazon listing.

We recommend using story in your description to provide one last compelling reason to evict action in your buyer. Tell shoppers the basics of how your brand started, if you give back to your community, or your mission statement. Add essential details in this section that you may not have had room for in the bullet points.

Ideas include:

    • How-to section
    • Helpful tips and tricks
    • Product specifications

Position the content in this section by thinking of other things a customer will want to know about your product and add a compelling stories to compel customers to click add to cart.

4. Images/Videos

Having the best images and videos of products for sale is another hack to Amazon listing optimization. As humans, we are more attracted to pictures and videos than the words accompanying them. For your Amazon product listing to stand out, you need to ensure you have the best quality photos and videos for your products.

Leverage a mix of infographics and lifestyle images to engage and educate your ready-to-buy audience. These images help shoppers see themselves using your product and help them visualize their pain points solved once they purchase.

Amazon Optimization and PPC Optimization Note

As you can see, Amazon listing optimization is crucial to your traffic, clicks, and sales on the online marketplace. Optimizing your listing at different stages of the trajectory of your sales will prove the most fruitful.

If your Amazon listing is not adequately optimized, you risk wasted ad spend with fewer results. The Amazon algorithm works to evaluate the relevancy of your listing compared to all other listings before showing your listing to shoppers.

If your listing does not contain the best keywords or most compelling copy, you risk not being determined as relevant by Amazon, and appearing less in search results.

Always remember that Amazon listing optimization comes before optimizing your ppc campaigns. Review the listing first for these crucial elements:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Listing copy
  • Product images

Final Thoughts

Watching sales figures climb in your Amazon seller central dashboard is a great feeling. To keep that momentum, it’s wise to perform Amazon listing optimization with deliberate intent through different seasons, holidays, product, and price updates, and more.

An Amazon listing is not a set it and forget it digital shelf. Optimize your Amazon listing for the most visibility and traffic and to boost sales so you can outrank and outsell your competition.

What is the biggest challenge you face with Amazon listing optimization? Drop your comments and questions below.

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