Amazon FBA Reimbursements – Amazon Owes You Money!

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Amazon reimbursement

If you have been selling on Amazon using FBA, Amazon owes you money!

You are most likely entitled to an Amazon reimbursement if you’ve been selling products utilizing FBA.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is an essential component for a majority of Amazon sellers. FBA allows the seller to store inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment centers so Amazon can pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for the seller’s products.

Utilizing FBA helps your business be more efficient and makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime. But even though Amazon is one of the most respected online retailers, sellers don’t always get credited for inventory that slips through the cracks.

If you want to get a fast estimate of how much you can get refunded, check out our Amazon FBA Refund Calculator.

Why does Amazon owe FBA sellers money?

All of these situations can result in reimbursements:

  • Customer was refunded more than the price they paid
  • Item got lost or damaged in Amazon’s fulfillment center
  • Item was destroyed without permission
  • Amazon overcharged for the weight or dimensional fee
  • Amazon reimbursed the customer but not the correct amount
  • Item was damaged by carrier or Amazon
  • Replacement was sent to customer or a refund was granted, but the order was never returned
  • Amazon claims they have reimbursed the seller, even though they haven’t
  • Amazon claims they restocked the item into your inventory, but they haven’t
  • The wrong item is restocked into your inventory

How do Amazon FBA sellers file an Amazon reimbursement claim?

What NOT to do

You want to approach your Amazon reimbursement claims with caution. Simple mistakes can result in your Amazon seller account getting shut down.

The most important thing you should NOT do is use an automated FBA reimbursement tool to try to collect your refund. Amazon policy prohibits using automated tools to open cases. In addition, opening up too many cases at once can result in a warning or account suspension.

So this might leave you wondering, how do I get reimbursed from Amazon?

What you should do

To maximize your dollars, rely on an Amazon reimbursement service. Here at Riverbend Consulting, we take a deep dive into your account’s history to find missing and lost inventory, missing returns, and other reimbursements that Amazon miscalculated over the last 18 months. In addition, we review your inbound FBA shipments for the last 90 days to ensure all inventory is present and accounted for.

We only get paid a percentage of what you get back, incentivizing us to find every last penny for your account.

Riverbend is a team of former Amazon employees and Amazon experts who have a deep understanding of how Amazon works from the inside.

We don’t automate any part of the reimbursement process, ensuring that you have the best possible reimbursement experience – and no risk of warnings or enforcement against you.

If you would like to learn more about Amazon reimbursements or to get in contact with our team, please visit here.


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