Amazon’s Account Health Dashboard’s Policy Compliance Scorecard explained

Feb 8, 2021

By: Kayleigh Cockerill

Green, Red, Orange- the three colors in Account Health

Amazon is making some improvements! Specifically to Seller Central to help sellers stay on top of their online enterprise.  The Account Health Dashboard’s Policy Compliance Scorecard is for sellers to monitor their violations and appeal ASIN suspensions.

The Account Health Rating feature rates your seller Account Health metrics in three colors. Green for “good.” Orange for “at risk.” Red for “critical.”  It is meant to give sellers a visual of their policy violations and encourage them to take action if too many pile up.

While it is helpful at times, it also leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

How long will the violations negatively impact my account health?

The violations reflect your policy violations over the last 180 days, or six months, at which point they will disappear.

Can the violations come off with a successful appeal?

This is a complicated answer but usually, no.

The exceptions are if Amazon has stated in the performance notification that the violation will be removed with a successful POA. Or if Amazon has made a mistake.

If a buyer returns an item and leaves a comment stating, “I’m used to wearing a heavy jacket and this one was too light” but Amazon interpreted the word “used” as a condition complaint. They will likely remove the violation with a successful appeal.

Also, if a rights owner retracts their intellectual property violation complaint, the violation will likely be removed from your Policy Compliance Scorecard.Amazon Account Health

How many violations is too many?

Generally speaking, you want to remain in the green.

There isn’t a hard and fast answer about a specific number of violations that will cause your account to be suspended.

If you continue to accumulate similar violations over six months, neglect to appeal them, and aren’t actively improving the root cause of the complaints, there is cause for concern.

Be proactive, not reactive!

I’m in the orange – will my account be shut down soon?

It’s possible.

Amazon doesn’t want to suspend sellers who are prioritizing their account and Amazon’s policies.  Don’t wait for your account to be at risk before you implement some proactive measures to maintain the viability of your account.

  • Keep your invoices in an easily accessible central location.
    • Or use invoice software so you’ll be able to submit invoices as they’re requested
  • Appeal ASINs in a timely manner and institute the steps you’ve outlined in your appeal
  • Regularly review Amazon’s ever-changing policies so you know your account remains compliant
  • Regularly audit your inventory to ensure it meets Amazon’s condition guidelines and avoid returns for condition complaints
  • Ask for help from the experts at Riverbend! Our staff is largely comprised of ex-Amazonians and professionals who know the Amazon world inside and out.


If you have questions about your Account Health contact Riverbend Consulting or give us a call, 877-289-1017. Our team will be happy to help!

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