We can find an ideal buyer for your private label assets.

We’ve worked with the rollups and aggregators who are buying up 3P sellers. We know what they want, and we understand the red flags that turn a possible deal into a pass. Simply put, a healthy account with minimal risk is worth a higher multiple.

If you’ve ever considered selling your Amazon business, you need a Riverbend Acquisition Assessment. Our ex-Amazon experts will reveal:

  • Current, past and potential future risks in the account
  • Areas you can focus on to make your account more appealing and valuable to potential buyers
  • Strategies that can make your account lower-risk while also boosting your financial results

Based on the results, our team can then recommend potential buyers who are looking for businesses that fit your profile. We know how much your business means to you, we promise to look after your brand and ensure the buyer is a good fit.

Then we can connect you with the ideal buyer for your private label assets.

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