Walmart Item Appeal

As Walmart has ramped up its 3P program, it’s also gearing up enforcement against marketplace retailers. Our team has experience with appeals across a wide range of marketplaces, including Walmart, giving us a 360° view of best practices. We will walk you through the appeal process, leaving nothing to chance.

    Walmart Item Suspensions

    We dissect your notifications to ensure we have a full understanding of the issues that caused your Walmart listing deactivation.

    Our consultants write winning Walmart business plans that address your item’s specific issues.

    We are relentless. As your advocates with Walmart, we will try every possible solution to get your item back online.

    We are equipped to tackle even the most challenging listing enforcement. We work with your individual item issues to develop a plan for reactivation

    If your Walmart item is suspended, we work rapidly to minimize downtime and lost revenue.

    Walmart Experts

    Our team is packed with subject-matter experts.

    We take on the seemingly unsolvable challenges others won’t touch.

    Our work ethic and integrity are second-to-none.

    We fight alongside our clients, ease their minds, free up their time and help them boost profits.