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The Amazon Incubator

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The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator


Can everyday entrepreneurs – and established businesses – still make money on Amazon?

Whether you long to launch your own online brand or need a profitable side-hustle, the answer is yes – if you have the right plan.

Most books about selling on Amazon peddle unrealistic get-rich-quick schemes. The Amazon Incubator is different. This book offers a practical blueprint for building a long-term, profitable business on Amazon. Whether sellers are new to the platform or own the ecommerce channel at an existing brand, they will benefit from strategic thinking and in-depth Amazon know-how delivered in a digestible format.

The Amazon Incubator is written as a practical guide, with short, easy-to-implement chapters:

  • Case studies
  • Real-world examples, seller success and failure
  • Worksheets and exercises
  • Strategies and steps to define goals, determine product sets and execute like a champ

In addition, each chapter includes a brief summary at the end, as well as suggested action steps, so it can be used as a tool for the reader to share with teammates and business associates.

The Amazon Incubator
The Amazon Incubator

Don't wait one more minute to change your future. Join thousands of successful Amazon sellers who have met their major life goals with an online business. There is no magic. Instead, I give you simple steps to get started, to improve your existing business, and to win.

Author of The Amazon Incubator

About Lesley Hensell

LESLEY HENSELL is co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, an e-commerce and Amazon consulting agency. Its experts and 85-plus employees solve problems for Amazon and e-commerce sellers facing account and product listing suspensions and other difficult challenges.

Hensell oversees Riverbend’s service team and has personally helped thousands of sellers facing account and ASIN suspensions. Hensell is an Amazon seller, e-commerce influencer, speaker and author. A lifelong Longhorns fan, Hensell earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s of business administration from the University of Texas at Austin.

She volunteers for A Wish with Wings, a wish-granting organization for little Texans with life-threatening conditions. Also, she serves on the board of directors for Hallie’s Heroes, a non-profit that funds bone marrow matches and medical research for kids with cancer and critical illnesses.

What Amazon experts say about The Amazon Incubator

The Amazon Incubator

Online entrepreneurs should embrace Lesley's The Amazon Incubator as a powerful guide for building a successful Amazon business with eyes wide open to the constant challenges.

Former Head of Amazon Services and Co-Founder of The Prosper Show

The Amazon Incubator

Lesley has helped thousands of Amazon sellers get unstuck and grow their businesses. She shares compelling stories and advice that will help grow yours too.

CEO of Getida

The Amazon Incubator

Want to be a successful Amazon seller? Then look no further than this book! Lesley takes away the fluff and lays out steps and strategies that will grow and sustain a successful business.

Chief Sleep Officer of SnoozeShade.com

The Amazon Incubator

Lesley lays out the real opportunity without sugarcoating the challenges. Her experience on the front lines has given her an experience that helps you see with both eyes open. Amazon does require effort to access the largest customer base in the world and Lesley helps get you there in this book as well as I've ever seen.

CEO of Smartscout

The Amazon Incubator

Don't buy this book if you want to make millions on Amazon and work five hours a week. Reading this, you'll learn the true story, the lies and myths-and the practical advice needed to succeed long term. A great book for every entrepreneur."

COO of Frisbi

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