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Riverbend Consulting Announces Partnership with AZsellerkit

New Automated Pricing and Inventory Management Tool Available to Third-Party Sellers on Amazon Who Need More Visibility Into Their Businesses

TINTON FALLS, N.J. — March 8, 2022 — Riverbend Consulting announces it has partnered with AZsellerkit, an automated pricing, inventory and analytics tool designed to maximize sales and profitability for third-party Amazon sellers. The partnership will allow Riverbend to offer its customers a free exclusive dashboard, giving sellers more visibility into their Amazon businesses.

The tool’s dashboard lets users review and manage multiple account functions, including financials, inventory management, shipping management, automated pricing, forecasting reports and returns management.

“AZsellerkit literally saves my team and me hundreds of hours each month, increasing our efficiency for the accounts we manage. It’s such an effective tool, that we wanted to partner in its success,” said Joe Zalta, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting. “It is also a tool that will offer a major competitive edge to private-label sellers and brands with multiple products, SKUs and ASINs.”

AZsellerkit was founded by Jason Hanan and Lenny Ash, who also operate MMX Distribution, an agency that helps brands such as Champion, US POLO, RBX, Bebe and others successfully launch on Amazon. Their experience with MMX led the duo to create AZsellerkit to help sellers solve problems and grow.

“The Amazon marketplace is more complex than ever, and sellers need accurate and near-real-time information to make informed decisions as they manage their accounts day-to-day. That’s why we created AZsellerkit,” said Hanan.

During development of the tool, Hanan and Ash consulted with Riverbend’s Zalta to bring his retail, branding, merchandising and selling experience into the fray to ensure the tool was optimized for online brands.

“We contacted Joe because of his retail background and expertise to help with the development of this tool,” said Ash. “With his understanding of what sellers need, he was able to help us develop a comprehensive, robust offering that gives sellers a snapshot into their online account, inventory levels, pricing and overall sales. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace.”

About Riverbend Consulting

Riverbend Consulting helps sellers and vendors on Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces keep their accounts healthy while solving their most vexing issues. The company specializes in account and ASIN appeals, account management and reimbursements. Riverbend provides Amazon sellers with strategies for improving revenue and profitability, such as Editorial Recommendations and Amazon Product Videos. Its growing team of ex-Amazon employees, 3P sellers and business consultants provide the know-how and persistence to help sellers win. Visit:

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