Claim every penny Amazon owes you – safely.

If you sell via FBA, Amazon owes you money.
Over time, the losses add up:

  • Lost Inventory
  • Damaged inventory
  • Unreceived inventory
  • Returned not credited to your account
  • and more!

Amazon automatically reimburses your account for a few of these shortages. But the vast majority go unreported by FBA, and you lose out financially.

Riverbend’s team of reimbursements experts researches your account. During our deep dive, we look for every instance where Amazon owes you money from the last 18 months. We file cases with Seller Support and follow up to ensure you receive the funds we uncover.

We only get paid when we find you money. That means no risk for you!

What’s more, our company focuses on compliance with Amazon policies every single day. We won’t put your account at risk by filing cases too aggressively or filing duplicate cases. Amazon doesn’t like automated solutions for reimbursements. That’s why our team files every case manually – and carefully regulates how quickly we make claims.

Each month, you receive a detailed report that includes case ID, reimbursement type and amount. You’ll know exactly what we recovered and how.