How to avoid Amazon account and listing suspension |Online Seller UK Podcast with Lesley Hensell

June 29, 2022
Recently we have been seeing a lot of Amazon account suspensions due to linked accounts. We also see listing suspension due to customer complaints about the condition of an item. So, to help you avoid these issues, listen to this podcast with Lesley from Riverbend consulting.

Hardship/Entrepreneurship: Building a Business Out of Necessity w/Lesley Hensell

June 24, 2022
Lesley leverages two decades of expertise to solve the underlying business and marketing issues small businesses face. Her journey as an Amazon seller led her to realize what challenges ecommerce business owners face, and led her to founding Riverbend Consulting.

14 Essential Steps For Building An Adaptable Business Culture

June 15, 2022
Flexibility is a lie unless the business builds a culture of proactivity. If the team continually reacts and struggles to get ahead of work, how can anyone feel comfortable leaving early to see the school play or taking a mental health day? Set clear priorities for the day, week and month. Team members who value flexibility will meet those priorities and maximize their time away from the job. – Lesley Hensell

Having Business Cash Flow Problems? Here’s Where To Look First

June 13, 2022
There are savings to be had with earnest negotiation and a willingness to walk away if the software company won’t play ball.

Interview series – Entrepreneurs Share Their Journey To Becoming CEO

June 2, 2022
There are many paths to becoming an entrepreneur. Some people stumble into it, while others have been working towards it their entire lives.

Today, our company has 60+ employees all over the world who solve critical problems and offer effective growth strategies for sellers on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms. We have helped thousands of sellers get their accounts and/or products reinstated and also offer effective strategies for further growth. My lessons along the way have really helped me identify with other business owners’ challenges, and have helped me work with them in a compassionate and patient way.

Builders Build podcast artwork

Builders Build: How to sell products on Amazon

June 2, 2022
Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, joined the kind people over at Builders Build for the most recent episode of their podcast, where she sat down with Colin Landforce, Oren Schauble, and James Camp to discuss how one starts out in the world of Amazon selling and how to sell products on Amazon.

Amazon Briefing: How third-party sellers are prepping for Prime Day

June 2, 2022
Prime Day may be a month away, but third-party sellers are already mulling over their strategies for one of Amazon’s biggest sales events of the year.

Lesley Hensell, owner of Blackland Prairie and co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, said she is still planning to use coupons to drive customer sales on Prime Day. She has been a seller on the platform since 2010, selling health and beauty products.

Link Up Leaders livestream cover art

Link Up Leaders: Buy With Prime with Lesley Hensell

June 1, 2022
Link Up Leaders invited Riverbend Consulting’s Lesley Hensell onto their most recent livestream to discuss Amazon’s new Buy With Prime initiative and other things related to the world of Amazon. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to follow the link above and watch the recording!

Izabella Ritz and Lesley Hensell | Protect your Amazon ACCOUNT/ASIN

May 29, 2022

Lesley Hensell sits down with Isabella Ritz for an episode of Ritz Momentum where they discuss the various methods one can employ to ensure that their Amazon account stays protected. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to protect your Amazon seller account, then you won’t want to miss this this one.

From Amazon sellers to Amazon consultants: the Riverbend Consulting brand story

May 23, 2022
“Riverbend Consulting helps sellers and vendors on Amazon, Walmart and other ecommerce marketplaces keep their accounts healthy while solving critical business problems. The company specializes in account and product suspension appeals, account support and reimbursements.”

Catalog Troubleshooting on Amazon Q&A

May 11, 2022
Lesley Hensell, Riverbend Consulting’s co-founder and Client Services Manager, was a guest on the recent episode of My Amazon Guy, where she sits down for a Q&A session revolving around how to perform catalog troubleshooting as an Amazon seller.

Amazon Briefing: Third-party sellers mull over how to manage Amazon’s new 5% surcharge

April 21, 2022
A news article about the recent price hike of 5% on Amazon, thanks mainly to the ever-rising costs of fuel, and the creative thinking that businesses are engaging in to offset that cost on their end.

Riverbend Consulting Announces Partnership with AZsellerkit

April 18, 2022
Riverbend Consulting was featured in the news due to our recently announced partnership with AZSellerKit. AZSellerKit is an easy-to-use and almost entirely automated inventory management tool geared towards helping entrepreneurs gain more insight into their business.


Timofey Drozhzhin and Joe Zalta Interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis

March 25, 2022
Joe Zalta, the co-founder and co-owner of Riverbend consulting, and Timofey Drozhzhin, the Operations Manager of Momsdish are interviewed in this article for Technology Today, a website that focuses mainly on, you guessed it, the tech world and innovations in that space. The interviewer is Timofey Drozhzhin, who also owns a blog sharing his name. So grab a cup of coffee and sit down for this interesting read!

Amazon Sellers: Policy Updates You Need to Know Now

March 7, 2022
“People will file IP complaints. They will spoof the brand owner—the law requires Amazon to act on these complaints.”

Lesley is the featured guest on this episode of Mommy Income, where she sits down with Kristin Ostrander, host of the show, for a conversation that largely focuses on the latest policy updates on Amazon, and how to conduct yourself when these policies are enforced upon you as a seller.

How to Avoid E-Commerce Pitfalls

March 06, 2022
“A lot of sellers they will not need a marketing budget when they sell online—that if they build it, the buyer’s will come. But you are going to need to invest in ads.”

Lesley sits down for a chat with the popular podcast How we Solve, where they have a discussion about some of the most common pitfalls that sellers face when selling on Amazon, among other topics.

Lesley Hensell Co-founder of Riverbend Consulting #402

January 3, 2022
Our very own Lesley Hensell sits down with QA Selling Online Podcast for a long-form Q&A session on this episode of the popular podcast. An Amazon seller turned consultant, Lesley and her team at Riverbend solve critical problems and offer growth strategies for sellers on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

Running a Successful Amazon Business

December 16, 2021
“Sometimes, Amazon has policies that make sense to the people internally at Amazon, but to the rest of us outside, it’s not working as intended.”

In this episode of the eCommerce Odyssey, a podcast largely about the ins and outs of the digital selling space, Trevor, host of the show, sits down for an interview with Lesley Hensell where she outlines some of the tricks to running a successful business on Amazon.

Hoping to rein in Big Tech, Congress may kill business instead

November 29, 2021
“It is time to be concerned and if you are a third-party seller, you need to contact your senator and representatives and make your voice heard and be very clear about the impact on jobs in your district. Because if you are a seller, that is a job.”

Lesley, of Riverbend Consulting, conducted an interview with Modern Shipper, where she shares her concern that the unintended consequence of the legislation that has recently been put forward in Congress is that Amazon and others will simply drop independent sellers from their platforms.

How to Become an Online Retailer

November 25, 2021
“A lot of people who try out Amazon probably tried out eBay first; but Amazon wants uniformity, so you have to follow the rules for listings. You become one of many sellers on that particular listing.”

In a new episode of this Amazon focused podcast, our very own Lesley Hensell sits down with Rob Oliver, the host of the show, for a conversation about how to become an online retailer.

Some savvy Americans are capitalizing on supply chain shortages by flipping toys

November 18, 2021
“It’s not just 18-24-year-old kids. It’s stay-at-home moms, parents, retirees. They’re coming out of the woodwork,” said the co-founder of the Tinton Falls, New Jersey-based Riverbend Consulting, which helps other third-party sellers grow their businesses.

Amazon sellers battle the giant’s algorithm-based policy- and decision-making

November 12, 2021
“Their algorithms are garbage,” said Lesley Hensell Demond, partner in Riverbend Consulting, a firm that helps Amazon sellers overcome a host of challenges, including account de-activation and loss of ASINs (a kind of ISBN number Amazon assigns to products. Riverbend is heavily staffed by former Amazon employees.

Amazon Sellers Are Losing Control of Pricing Due to “Standards for Brands”

November 08, 2021
Amazon’s latest crackdown is all about pricing. You can lose your selling privileges if your prices are not better than other retailers 95% of the time.

Intermodal Activity

October 11, 2021
Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, gets us up to speed on what retailers need to know about selling on Amazon this holiday season.

Riverbend Consulting Assists Sellers And Vendors Across Multiple E-Commerce Marketplaces Helping Them Solve Most Vexing Issues

September 29, 2021
There is a lot of growth and excitement around Project Retail right now because it’s vital for online sellers to diversify their e-commerce-focused brands to ensure long-term success.

Amazon abruptly banned Washington state treat-maker Chukar Cherries. Months of appeals went unheeded

September 27, 2021
“We work with clients on a daily basis who have been linked to accounts where either there’s a tangential linkage or there’s really no link at all.”

How To Evaluate Online Brands For Your Shelves

August 26, 2021
Ecommerce may steal the headlines in today’s retail world, but more than 90 percent of retail sales in the United States still occur in physical stores.

Riverbend Consulting Launches Project Retail to Help Bring Winning Online Brands into Retail Stores

August 25, 2021
Riverbend Consulting announced that it has partnered with Irving Safdieh, CEO of Fashion Industries, to launch Project Retail, a division that helps winning brands that were born and developed in e-commerce marketplaces transition to the brick-and-mortar retail environment.

Joe Zalta of Riverbend Consulting: “Communicate your brand story”

August 21, 2021
Communicate your brand story. Make an investment in everything from your brand look/feel and packaging design, to any marketing and promotions you run through your website or online.

Lesley Hensell of Riverbend Consulting: 5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Highly Successful E-commerce Business

August 07, 2021
You always need more in your marketing budget than you think.

Lesley Hensell of Riverbend Consulting: Five Things You Need to Know to Run a Very Successful Amazon Business

July 22, 2021
Don’t just sell one way on Amazon. To be successful on the platform, you can’t just be a reseller or a drop-shipper or a private-label seller.

Key Factors When Selecting and Setting Up an E-Commerce Platform

July 23, 2021
“Every channel has different standards for the level of customization they allow on a listing detail page,” Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, explained to the E-Commerce Times.

Strategies for Running a Successful Amazon Business

July 13, 2021
Lesley Hensell is a partner and Co-founder with Riverbend Consulting, whose 50+ employees solve critical problems and offer effective growth strategies for sellers on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Riverbend Consulting: Doubles Growth, Announces New Hires

June 08, 2021
Riverbend Consulting, a group of e-commerce experts that helps Amazon third-party sellers and vendors solve urgent business problems, today announced that it doubled its revenue over the past year and has increased its staff to more than 50 employees, 14 of whom are ex-Amazon employees.

How Amazon Makes Small Changes to Subtly Manipulate Seller Behavior

October 13, 2020
Lesley has personally helped hundreds of third-party sellers get their accounts and ASINs back up and running, leveraging two decades of experience as a small business consultant and almost a decade as an Amazon seller.

3 reasons why you should protect your eCommerce

August 18, 2020
You cannot afford to forgo your responsibilities in this sense, simply because you stand to gain too much from the field of eCommerce in today’s lucrative and popular commerce climate.

What to Do When You Receive Negative Feedback

August 18, 2020
Whether you believe your negative feedback to be fair or not, it’s important that you take it on board if you actively want to learn and grow from it.